Four-year graduation guarantee announced

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Beginning with the freshman class of 2013, Sterling College is now offering an opportunity to incoming students that will ensure they can finish their degrees within four years. The Four-Year Guarantee was created so that any freshman who completes the set requirements will be able to graduate within the intended time frame. If a student meets all of the requirements and is not able to complete their degree in that period of time, Sterling College will pay the tuition it takes to finish.

“We have decided to make this promise to our students because we are confident that students can complete their degrees in four years and do not want them to incur additional costs which may impede them from achieving their career goals,” said Dr. Greg Kerr, vice president for academic affairs. “It is our hope to partner with the students to help them obtain the most from their college experience, which includes providing them an academically demanding education in a reasonable time frame.”

With this guarantee, Sterling College agrees to keep students well informed about academic requirements and assign them an academic adviser to aid in properly planning course schedules. The students must meet designated requirements, including entering college as a first-time, full-time freshman, maintaining the grade point average required by the College and keeping their declared major. Additionally, students meet with their academic adviser each semester to plan courses that will meet both the College and major requirements within the four-year period.

For additional information about Sterling College’s Four-Year Guarantee, including a complete list of requirements, contact an admissions counselor at or 800-346-1017.