Kelsey Scholars announced

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Kelsey Scholar list is announced for the 2012-2013 academic year. A total of 115 students were named to the list.Kelsey Scholars are full-time students who, at the end of the spring semester, are in sophomore standing or above, carry a GPA of at least 3.5 in both residential and cumulative GPA, have a minimum of two semesters in residence at Sterling College, have no incomplete grades on record and have fulfilled the chapel requirement.

Students who meet these requirements include

Jenna Arlow of Palmer, Alaska,
Amber Balvin of Grasston, Minn.,
Kaitlin (Sumption) BartlettĀ  of Hanover, Ill.,
Darsha Bechard of Belleville, Kan.,
Matthew Bennett of Sterling, Kan.,
Kaylee Beutler of Clay Center, Kan.,
Nathaniel Boggs of Topeka, Kan.,
Johannah Borchard of Minneola, Kan.,
Leslie Branch of Moore, Okla.,
Kate Brickell of Valley Falls, Kan.,
Alexandria Broeker of Washington, Mo.,
Emma Brown of Augusta, Kan.,
Amanda Buckwalter of Sylvia, Kan.,
Danielle (Burk) Van Veldhuizen of Wichita, Kan.,
Katrina Carman of Wellsville, Kan.,
Carley Chambers of Sioux Falls, S.D.,
Brianna Clayton of Olathe, Kan.,
Priscilla Coronado of Yuma, Ariz.,
Carly Cramton of Pretty Prairie, Kan.,
Kyle Croak of Oklahoma City, Okla.,
Lori Dauer of Falun, Kan.,
Tim Davis of Phoenix, Ariz.,
Kara DeLauretis of Clearwater, Kan.,
Gabriel Dierksen of Sterling, Kan.,
Samuel Eberly of Partridge, Kan.,
Angel Edwards of Overland Park, Kan.,
Ryan Ehresman of Wichita, Kan.,
Nathan Ehresman of Wichita, Kan.,
Tillie (Wilbeck) Ehresman of Inman, Kan.,
Blake English of Temecula, Calif.,
Taylor Fair of Sterling, Kan.,
Allie Faul of Hillsboro, Kan.,
Daniel Finder of Kingman, Kan.,
Robin Flowers of Meade, Kan.,
Aundraya Garcia of Hutchinson, Kan.,
Hannah Gardner of Topeka, Kan.,
Kimberly Garrett of Bennington, Kan.,
Austin Gautier of Lyons, Kan.,
Jalen Getting of Hutchinson, Kan.,
Megan Gilbreath of Scottsdale, Ariz.,
Danika Ginther of Russell, Kan.,
Sarah Grafel of Herndon, Kan.,
Rebecca Grasha of Olathe, Colo.,
Cody Green of Wichita, Kan.,
Ashley Hasart of Norco, Calif.,
Hannah Hatch of Burlington, Kan.,
Mark Alan Hemphill of Valley Farms, Ariz.,
Joyanna Henderson of Wichita, Kan.,
Joshua Hoover of Elbing, Kan.,
Courtney Huber of McPherson, Kan.,
Shelby Huber of McPherson, Kan.,
Britnie Jenkins of Cimarron, Kan.,
Daniel Karamoy of Tangerang Banten, Jakarta, Indonesia,
Hannah Kelley of Wellsville, Kan.,
Alyssa Kieffer of Clifton, Kan.,
Elijah Klein of Wichita, Kan.,
Lucas Knauss of Abilene, Kan.,
Hannah Lambert of Sterling, Kan.,
Lisa Laney of Shawnee, Kan.,
Greta Larson of Clay Center, Kan.,
Jennifer Lies of Minneola, Kan.,
Cody Martin of Hutchinson, Kan.,
Caitlynn McCreight of Jewell, Kan.,
Emily Messick of St. John, Kan.,
Victoria Miller of Honey Grove, Pa.,
Micah Mitchell of Broomfield, Colo.,
Chelsey Moore of Wichita, Kan.,
Chad Musser of Anaheim, Calif.,
Beth Myers of Las Animas, Colo.,
Justine (Saiz) Neville of Colorado Springs, Colo.,
Erica Nua of Palmdale, Calif.,
Rebecca Oberle of Claflin, Kan.,
Paul Oswald of Otterville, Mo.,
Kendall Perry of Minneapolis, Kan.,
Joseph Kaleb Powell of Olathe, Kan.,
Jason Prichard of Aurora, Colo.,
Hayley Ray of Derby, Kan.,
Lora Reardon of Houston, Texas,
Luke Redmon of Roanoke, Texas,
Lincoln Redmon of Roanoke, Texas,
Megan Reed of Mulvane, Kan.,
Heather Rhoads of Peoria, Ariz.,
Lacey Rhoads of Peoria, Ariz.,
Shane Rogers of Wichita, Kan.,
Kendra Schaffner of Wray, Colo.,
Kaylee Schell of Buena Vista, Colo.,
Heather Simpson of Boise, Idaho,
Jacob Skala of Newton, Kan.,
Cheston Skinner of Montezuma, Kan.,
Sarah Slifer of Nickerson, Kan.,
Jessica Smith of Lindsborg, Kan.,
Kadi Smith of Julesburg, Colo.,
Bradley Smith of Skaitook, Okla.,
Rebekah Sobotka of Spencer, Neb.,
Elizabeth Soliday of Estes Park, Colo.,
Aaron Sperber of Oakley, Kan.,
Cassi Spleiss of Camp Verde, Ariz.,
Sara Steria of Bend, Ore.,
Kara Svaty of Ellsworth, Kan.,
Matthew Swank of Pratt, Kan.,
David Tank of Bettendorf, Iowa,
Michael Utter of Peoria, Ariz.,
Larissa Versaw of Canon City, Colo.,
Jennifer Vogt of Caledonia, Mich.,
Emily Walker of Sterling, Kan.,
Kristin Waters of Little River, Kan.,
Caleb Watney of Sterling, Kan.,
Brittany Westerman of Zenda, Kan.,
Lamar Whitson of Blue Rapids, Kan.,
Jackie Wilkerson of Wichita, Kan.,
Tennissa Williams of Wichita, Kan.,
Joshua Williams of Monticello, Ark.,
Erica Wilt of Hutchinson, Kan.,
Megan Yoder of Hutchinson, Kan.,
Ethan Young of Medical Lake, Wash.