Mysterious package falls from sky

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A small plane flying low over the Sterling College campus caught the attention of several onlookers recently. The plane piqued the interest of College students and employees as it dropped several rolls of toilet paper and a package.

SC Senior Jessica Smith and her father, Andrew Smith, were dropping off a care package for a group of Jessica’s friends. Jessica’s father is a pilot and has a history of dropping packages from his airplane.

“During my first semester of college, my mom would send me a care package once a week. Then during my sophomore year, I jokingly called my parents and told them I needed ChapStick. A few days later, I got a call to come to the football field. My dad had dropped off a small package with ChapStick and chocolate in it. My dad has continued on with the tradition. He always likes finding unique ways of showing how much he cares,” said Jessica.

This semester, Jessica has been living at home while doing her clinical teaching at Southeast of Saline.

“Dad has dropped many packages to me, and I wanted my friends to be able to share in the same experience. I wanted to send them a gift and so we decided to send a package from the sky.” said Jessica.

The contents were wrapped individually and placed in a foam box to protect them. The package, which landed in a wheat field behind Kilbourn Hall, included the makings of a dinner. There was soup mix, bread, crackers and Oreos for dessert.

“I wanted to send a gift for the entire group, not just one person. I enjoyed the meals that we would all make together, and I thought they would enjoy that as well,” she said.

Senior Kadi Smith was one of the recipients of the care package.

“Not everyone gets to look to the sky for the mailman. It was fun standing out there waiting for the plane and watching everyone’s reactions as they anticipated the fly over,” said Kadi.

Jessica has even incorporated this tradition of package dropping into her clinical teaching.

“My fifth graders just finished reading ‘Candy Bomber,’ which tells about a post-World War II pilot who parachuted candy to kids in Berlin. I thought it would be great to have a demonstration, so we arranged for my dad to drop streamers wrapped with candy to the students. They were so amazed,” said Jessica.

For Jessica’s friends, it was a story they won’t forget.

“Inside of the package, there was a note from Jess that said, ‘Miss you guys. Have a wonderful supper on us.’ The meal turned out great. It was really special because most of us are seniors, and so this was one of the last dinners we’ll all make and eat together. It was also really cool that this meal was picked out and delivered. Even though Jess couldn’t be there in person, it was like having a piece of the Smith family there with us,” said Kadi.