SC Psychology Students Attend SWPA Conference, Celebrate Professor’s Accomplishments

Monday, April 20, 2009

Over the last 28 years Dr. Arn Froese, chair of the behavioral science department at Sterling College, has taken nearly 150 students with him to the Southwestern Psychological Association’s annual conference. This year nine students attended with him, listening to presentations by psychologists, Dr. Froese included, and celebrating Dr. Froese’s recent appointment as president-elect of the SWPA.
Dr. Froese presented/chaired a symposium titled, “Teaching Psychology for Civic Responsibility in a Global Context,” and also participated in a symposium on late career issues. He received a certificate of appreciation for six years of service to the SWPA as a Kansas State Representative. His students enjoyed getting to see their professor in this role. Denyse Inman, a sophomore from Chino Hills, Calif., commented, “I went to both of Dr. Froese's presentations; I was very proud to be his student.” Sarah Tucker, a freshman from Smith Center, Kan., added, “Dr. Froese picked interesting people to speak in his panel, and I thought his second presentation about the difficulties of conflict in the workplace was interesting. I think they were the best, but of course, I'm a bit biased.”
Students benefited from other aspects of the conference as well. Junior Christina Carpenter, of Bailey, Colo., said SWPA was all she hoped it would be. “With students, professors, and guest speakers all presenting, it gave those of us attending some great examples of how to present information in a proper and intriguing way. The convention also gave us an opportunity to ask questions and really hypothesize our own ideas.” Senior Lazerrick Young, of Chicago, Ill., said the conference fit in well with his long-term plans. “I want to be a well rounded individual within the field of psychology. Attending this conference gave me a chance to hear and learn about experiments and research findings from students and professors from various psychological backgrounds.”