SC Student Leonore Enfield Receives Grant from the Kansas Academy of Science

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Finding the time to deeply explore topics of study outside the walls of the classroom can prove to be challenging for many college students. For Sterling College senior Leonore Enfield, passion provided an opportunity for further exploration in

 biology when she received the 2010 Kansas Academy of Science Student Grant. Enfield is a Biology major from Raymond, Kan., and is the daughter of Iris S. Johnson.

The KAS Student Research Grant Program was established in order to foster scientific research endeavors among undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students. The granted funds are used by students for research to support investigation in any scientific field. At the completion of their research, grant recipients are required to present their results at the Annual KAS Meeting that takes place each spring.

"What started out as being a great way to do some research and get my feet ‘wet' in the field has turned out to be an even greater endeavor, opportunity, and blessing for me," said Enfield. She was one of five recipients of the grant and the only recipient that is not a student from a large research institution. Her successful grant proposal to the KAS rewarded her with a $500 grant allowing her to study small mammal responses to prairie restoration at Quivira National Wildlife Refuge.

Enfield and freshman Tyler Wise of Clearwater, Kan., have already begun the process of compiling research for the project, having already completed two sessions of small animal trapping which have provided photographs and other findings to begin diving deeper into research.

"Receiving a competitive research grant is a highly significant accomplishment for any scientist," said Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Jonathan Conard. "I couldn't be more impressed by the scientific rigor and enthusiasm that Leonore and Tyler have demonstrated throughout this project. Having the opportunity to do actual research is a great learning experience and exciting achievement."

Letting her passions guide her, Enfield hopes to make a change in the world with her research. "I was told once that if I wanted to change the world, I had to live the change I wanted to see happen. That is what I am trying to do."