Sterling College Alumnus Phillip Rogers Provides Funds for Physics Equipment

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When Assistant Professor Dr. Johnson Agbo came to Sterling College, he quickly put in a new equipment request. “I had to do a lot of improvisation to teach that first year,” he said.

When alumnus Phillip Rogers contacted a Sterling College administrator and said that he would like to make a donation earmarked for classroom equipment, his offer and Agbo’s need met.

Rogers wanted the decision to be made by faculty members. The equipment need was discussed by the dean, the head of the department and Assistant Professor Agbo and was then presented to Rogers. Rogers, a ‘69 SC graduate with a degree in math who is now president of Cashco in Ellsworth, Kan., appreciated that the requested equipment would give students a sense of the practicality of physics.

“We will be able to carry out more meaningful and physically realistic lab sessions,” said Agbo. “This equipment will improve and enhance students’ understanding of basic physical concepts like the average speed, average acceleration, and the range and time of flight of a projectile.”

“This is an example of a faculty member and an alumnus seeking to improve the academic experience of our students,” said Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Gregory Kerr. “As we continually pursue and increase academic excellence at Sterling, partnerships like this are essential.”

Two linear air tracks, three ballistic pendulums, six digital timing systems with photogate and six photogate free fall apparatus were purchased. They will be used by students in physics classes this fall semester.