Sterling College Fall Chapels "Follows" Road Trip Theme

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sterling College has some students who are on “road trips” and others who are on “pilgrimage.” College Chaplain Anne Smith says there is a difference between the two, and she hopes to minister to both “road trip” and “pilgrimage” students in this fall’s chapel program.

“The goal of our ‘road trip’ will be to give students a chance to explore who Jesus is by traveling with him, watching him in action,” she said. “The emphasis will be on connecting with students who have not yet committed themselves to a more intentional pilgrimage of discipleship. The goal of our ‘pilgrimage’ chapels is a quest for spiritual growth. On this journey we become closer to God. We become increasingly more like Jesus. In this way, pilgrimage is another metaphor for the journey of discipleship.”

Wednesday morning chapels are planned for those students on a “road trip,” while Sunday evening services focus on discipleship. The theme for this fall came from the Sterling College Verse of the Year, Psalm 84:5: “Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage.” “This theme came out of a lot of prayer and listening, and I am excited to see what God will do through this year’s chapel program,” said Smith. “I have already had students tell me that the theme of a ‘road trip’ as an analogy for life captures their imagination.”

Smith has invited several speakers to share with the students this semester. This Sunday Julie Jaderston, a youth leader from Crosspoint Church in Sterling, will speak about the invitation to journey with Christ, and the following Wednesday ’02 alumnus and Director of Campus Ministries Christian Dashiell will speak on “Pushing through Road Blocks.” Special guests for this semester include Lyons First Baptist Pastor Joel Grizzle, musician/missionary Dave Pierce, community member Jeff Darnauer, Avant President Dr. Elwood, Senior Pastor Mark Hoover from NewSpring Church in Wichita and Reverend Amy Baumgartner from First Presbyterian in Wichita.

“I am excited about this theme,” said Smith. “We can connect broadly with many students, but we can also dig deep.”