Sterling College Has Third Year of Record Enrollment

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

For the sixth consecutive year Sterling College's enrollment has grown, with this year's being the highest it has ever been. At 736 students, Sterling College has broken last year's record of 722 and the fall 2008 record of 653. This is the College's third consecutive year to have record enrollment figures. "With so many colleges and universities suffering enrollment setbacks, this is an incredible blessing and accomplishment," said Sterling College President Dr. Paul J. Maurer. "With continual, steady growth like this we can enhance Sterling's academic programs while still providing an environment in which students can grow in all areas of life."

Increased efforts at retention have contributed to the record enrollment. "We want to make sure our new students connect quickly, with fellow students, professors/staff and community members," said Vice President for Student Life Tina Wohler. "In this way we are better able to help students who are struggling academically or emotionally so that they can complete their education."

The large new-student populations of the past few years also contribute, as does the number of students coming from the West Coast. For the first time the number of new students from California (33) is greater than the number from either Texas (29) or Colorado (14). This new-student group also includes six international students who come from Ghana, Indonesia, Panama, South Korea, Guatemala and Germany.

The headcount of 736 includes 75 students who are enrolled in e.Sterling and several others who are taking classes for combined SC/Sterling High School credit. Fifteen of the students are commuters and 82 are transfers from other schools/colleges. Fifteen of them are the sons or daughters of SC alumni, and six were valedictorians at their high school.