Sterling College Hires Joshua Wisner ’07 as Resident Director for Kilbourn

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two years of teaching in China is not usually on the résumé of a resident director at Sterling College, but that is the case for new Resident Director Josh Wisner. Wisner spent two years teaching English classes in China after graduating from Sterling College in 2007. During his College career Wisner played on the SC men's basketball team, served as a resident assistant for two years and was named the Outstanding Male Student of the Year.

"Wisner will be a good addition to the RD staff already in place," said Vice President of Student Life Tina Wohler. "He brings wisdom and a different type of personality to us, but his greatest strength is his strong desire to work with College students."

Wisner will begin duties as Resident Director of Kilbourn Hall on July 19 when RD training begins.