Sterling College Hosts Theatre Workshop for Local High School Students

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brandishing swords and makeup brushes, Sterling College theatre students and alumni shared their knowledge of theatre with 250 high school students on March 5. Sterling College President Dr. Paul J. Maurer gave a general welcome to the high school theatre teachers and students, and then the workshop participants were able to choose from a variety of sessions: directing, forensics, stage makeup, stage combat, musical theatre, and dance/choreography. Following lunch in the Sterling College cafeteria, the high school students attended a matinee performance of the SC Theatre Department’s production of “The Merchant of Venice.”

Rebekah Wagley, teacher at Little River High School, brought her theatre students. “We used to go to a different workshop, but for the past three years we have come to this one because the quality is so high. My students love the stage combat workshop, but I also make them go to the forensics session. It’s excellent.”

Current Sterling College theatre students taught the stage makeup and dance/choreography sessions, while the forensics, directing, musical theatre and stage combat sessions were taught by College alumni: Sterling High School theatre teacher Betsy Dutton ‘82; professional actor Ben Dicke ‘01; Liberal High School teacher Lauren Peck ’08; and Campus High School teacher Greg McGlynn ‘87.

“This workshop day allows high school students to receive some excellent theatre training and also exposes them to the Sterling College Theatre Program and the strong actors, directors and teachers it has graduated,” said Vice President for Enrollment Dennis Dutton. “It was clear from their responses that they also enjoyed ‘The Merchant of Venice.’ They ‘got’ both the comedy and the drama of the play. We hope the entire workshop day was beneficial for them.”