Sterling College Inaugurates Eleventh President

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"This is a day to express gratitude-for the ways God has led this institution for 122 years and the ways He continues to lead it today." Tony Thompson '69, chair of Sterling College's Board of Trustees, opened President Paul J. Maurer's inauguration ceremony with those words. He continued, "This day we celebrate the installation of Sterling's eleventh president and we look forward to his leadership of Sterling's future."
Though the ceremony on October 23 formally installed Dr. Paul Maurer, the focus of the day was on God's plans for Sterling College. Dr. Al Cureton ‘71, member of the Board of Trustees and president of Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minn., gave the charge for the day, reminding Dr. Maurer and the College to weave Scripture into every discipline and to make Jesus Christ the "cornerstone of the institution," its "True North."
Dr. Brad Nix, chair of Sterling College's music department, composed a piece for inauguration, using Dr. Maurer's favorite Scripture, Romans 10:15, as the text. The Choir performed it during the ceremony, and the words, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" were another example of the day's true focus.
After accepting the College's presidential medallion, Dr. Maurer delivered his address, using the inaugural theme of "Rooted. Renewed. Rising." to answer the question: Why Is Sterling College Important? He ended his address with these words: "Sterling College is on the rise. And that is because Sterling has never been more important to the world that surrounds it. (It) is important because, in the midst of moral confusion, it is rooted. (It) is important because, as higher education has lost its way, Sterling remains true to its original purpose. (It) is important because it provides a certain kind of education that helps its students become certain kinds of people.
"(It) is important, today and tomorrow, because on the most important questions of the meaning of life, Sterling has something to say. And as we remain rooted, and as we renew our commitment to our core purpose, Sterling College will continue to rise. And as that happens, we will give thanks to God."
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