Sterling College Junior David Bowers Named as District Representative for National Parliamentary Debate Association

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sterling College debate team member David Bowers of Hutchinson was unanimously elected as the District 6 Representative to the National Parliamentary Debate Association. Bowers said he is “thrilled to be in such a position—it’s yet another opportunity for the Sterling College debate team to leave its mark on debate.”

District 6 spans Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. Representatives are both nominated and voted into the position by their peers. “It’s exciting to see David receiving such accolades from his peers as he takes debate very seriously,” said Sterling College Debate Coach Ken Troyer. “His peers know of his passion and have put him in this position as a result.” Bowers is also respected for his record: he captured first place at three debate tournaments this season; he spent several weeks ranked in the top ten in the nation; and he ended the season ranked 37th overall. Bowers competes primarily in parliamentary debate but is also involved in Lincoln-Douglas debating.

As the district representative Bowers will be expected to maintain contact with his constituents via a Facebook group, newsletters and threaded discussion boards. In addition he will attend and participate in the National Parliamentary Debate Association’s annual meetings. “This is a great opportunity for him to give something back to an activity that has treated him well,” said Troyer.