Students to serve in nine countries

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The semester is finished, but over 60 students, faculty and staff are still on campus at Sterling College preparing to leave on mission trips to nine countries. The teams began leaving May 20 and arrive back in the United States by June 5. They will travel to Ghana, Guatemala, East Asia, Ethiopia, the Mediterranean, Nepal, the Philippines, Ukraine and Uruguay to perform service projects such as food distribution, vacation Bible school and street evangelism. Follow the team blogs.

Team Ghana includes team leader and Assistant Professor of Music Laura Bateman, assistant team leader Chase Sperber, students Aren Coppoc, Kara DeLauretis, Sara Leasure, Jason Prichard, Beckie Smiley, and Administrative Assistant for Student Life Melissa Virts.

Team Guatemala includes team leaders Frank and Loida Leone. Frank is an assistant professor of education and Loida serves as a counselor at Sterling College. Other team members include Jenna Arlow, Amber Chrisman, Adriana Gonzalez, Kandra Pattison, Jessica Roberts, Ruth Roberts, Steven Roberts and Rebekah Sobotka.

Team East Asia is led by Resident Director Addie Swihart. Joining her will be assistant team leader Micah Mitchell along with Brianna Fuchs, Joshua Hoover, Katie McGrath, Chelsea Stephenson, Tate Strasner and Emily Walker.

Team Ethiopia is led by Chaplain Christian Dashiell and assistant team leader Lisa Laney. The team also includes Dixie Carpenter, Lisa Dashiell, Caden Ford, Ashley McHenry, Jacob Schmidt, Jessica Smith and Zechaira Smith.

Team Mediterranean is led by Mark and Laurel Watney with assistant team leader Nathan Ehresman. Mark is an assistant professor of language and literature and Laurel is a library assistant. The team includes Brianna Clayton, Taylor Fair, Hannah Lambert, Caitlynn McCreight, Michaela Moore, Blaine Pittman and Joey Ramirez.

Team Nepal is led by Tyson Thrall and assistant team leader Katy Nininger. They are joined by Richelle Quesnel, Stephanie Smith, Ian Sparks and Katrina Thompson.

Team Philippines is led by Aundraya Garcia and assistant team leader Jacob Blackwell. They will serve with Jared Alexander, Danika Ginther, Derek Lee, Brian Noller, Kendra Schaffner and Kristen Wenner.

Team Ukraine is led by Patrick Williams and assistant team leader Jenny Linville. Joining them will be Zachary Beims, Kyle Croak, Emily Konrade and Sean Mestdagh.

Team Uruguay is led by resident director Naiya Hernandez and assistant team leader Kaitlin Bartlett. They will serve with Tyler Brotton, Emily Hickman and Sarah Slifer.