Laurel Watney

Laurel began working at Mabee Library in 2011 and became Director in 2017. She earned her MA in Human Services, Counseling, from Regent University, and a BA in Biblical Studies from Gordon College. She and her husband, Mark (an English professor at SC), were missionaries in Turkey for a year and a half early in their marriage. They moved to Sterling in 2006, and absolutely love it. They have three sons, Caleb, Micah and Josiah. Laurel has facilitated women’s Bible studies on campus and in her church, and led a SC summer team to Turkey with her husband in 2013. Currently, she volunteers as a counselor at the Central Kansas Dream Center. She also enjoys riding her bike and walking wherever she can.

Laurel and her staff value a culture of hospitality where students feel welcomed and inspired to learn.


Bachelor of Arts in biblical studies from Gordon College

MA in Human Services, Counseling, from Regent University


Mabee Library


Phone: 620-278-4233