Dr. Randi Wise

Dr. Wise came back to Sterling from Kansas State University, where she completed her Ph.D. and worked as a graduate teaching and research assistant. The specific focus of her doctoral work was on the biochemical regulation of breast cancer metastasis.

She is passionate about teaching chemistry and her goal is to make chemistry more understandable and relatable to students in new and exciting ways. Laboratory experiments and visual demonstrations lend support to concepts learned in the classroom.

Caring about students, understanding their needs, and showing God’s love to them is Dr. Wise’s goal as a professor. She enjoys seeing students grow and develop as both a scientist and a person throughout their years at Sterling College.

Dr. Wise resides in Sterling with her husband Tyler, and children Levi and Cassidy. They enjoy supporting all SC students by attending a variety of sporting events and activities.


Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Kansas State University
B.S. in Chemistry and Biology from Sterling College, Minors in Math and Christian Ministries


Thompson 120


Phone: 620-278-4238
Email: randi.wise@sterling.edu