Sterling College Students Have Chance to Live Their Dreams

Monday, February 14, 2011

Apart from the typical general education courses offered during the Interterm session, three Sterling College students had the rare opportunity to take part in a course that literally gave them a chance to live their dreams. The course, "Music Technology," was taught by Professor of Biblical Studies Rev. Dr. Craig Smith, and it provided the students a chance to go to Nashville, Tenn. from January 9-16 to explore the role of the arts in worship and to gain exposure to songwriting and producing.

Christian Ministries majors, Jaron Irvin of Hutchinson, Kan., Adam Taylor of Scott City, Kan., and Cameron Bartlett of Middleboro, Mass., were granted opportunities in Nashville that many students could only dream of experiencing. While there, these students had the chance to write, record, and produce their very own demo worship song.

Rev. Dr. Craig Smith's main objective in the course was to provide his students with a springboard for producing worship music. As a part of that venture, the students spent countless hours learning about the music industry directly from people in the industry. They were able to speak and work closely with Christian artists, band managers, and songwriters in order to gain exposure and understanding in the technical side of music production.

"We were able to meet with some great people who were knowledgeable, experienced and really humble," said Bartlett. "We met producers, mixers, labels, audio and recording people, managers, and publicists from big names like Sony and EMI."

If anything, this course offered these students the chance to experience the inner-workings of the music industry by teaching them how a song goes from a demo to a full-fledged recording ready for sale to the masses.

"Walking into this class, I was excited and walking away, I was simply amazed," said Bartlett. "This wasn't just a trip, it was more than a simple Interterm class-it was a life-changing experience. I saw God open so many doors and open my eyes to so many opportunities."

Above all, the students experienced first hand the impact that the arts can play in worship and ministry.

Download Cameron's song for free