According to federal law, specifically The Clery Act, the College is required to report statistics concerning the occurrence of the following criminal offenses reported to the local police agency or any official of the institution who has significant responsibility for student and campus activities. The requirement to report these crimes applies to offenses involving students, faculty, staff or visitors.

The criminal offenses that we are required to report are murder/non-negligent manslaughter, negligent manslaughter, sex offenses (forcible and non-forcible), robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, arson, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking, liquor law violations, drug violations, and/or illegal weapons possession.

We are required to report offenses that

  • occur on campus,
  • in College residence facilities,
  • in SC owned, controlled, or leased property,
  • on streets and sidewalks bordering campus, and/or
  • at SC sponsored activities or events.

College employees are asked to report crime to the Office of the Vice President for Student Life.   

If you have any questions about this request, please contact Jason Briar at 620-278-4232. Thank you for your assistance in complying with this federal law.