Telephone Resources

Sometimes your student may call home with questions about a College policy or a problem they need help with. You’ve always had all the answers before, right? This guide will help you point your student in the right direction. Giving them the right number to call will empower them to make their own decisions.

Sterling College: 620-278-2173, 800-346-1017
Business Office: 620-278-4341
Career Services: 620-278-4264
Counseling Services: 620-278-4218
Financial Aid: 620-278-4226
Health Center: 620-278-4505
Registrar: 620-278-4280
Resident Director on Duty: 620-278-6218 (Emergency after hour number)
Student Life: 620-278-4218

Mail Service

Everybody likes to get mail, and for new freshmen, a letter or care package from home can really brighten his or her day! To ensure your student gets what you send, here is the mailing address for your student.

Student Name
Campus Box # ____
125 W. Cooper Ave.
Sterling, KS 67579

Dining Services

Chartwells at Sterling College is committed to serving our community. For information on meal plans, hours, wellness and catering click here.

Residential Meal Plans

Sterling College offers a variety of residential and commuter meal plans to meet your needs. To find meal plan details click here.

Café and Marketplace Hours

Meal time and marketplace hours vary throughout the week. Click here for details.

Residential Life

Resident Directors
The Resident Directors are full-time professional staff who live in the residence halls. It is their responsibility to manage the operation of the halls, train and supervise resident assistants, implement the rules and regulations, coordinate programming, and counsel students with personal and behavioral problems. It is their role to develop a comfortable and productive living environment. Learn more about the Residential Directors.

Resident Assistants
A Resident Assistant (RA) is assigned to each floor or wing. These upperclassmen have been carefully selected and trained to coordinate and assist a floor or a wing of a residence hall. They are an excellent source of information regarding both personal and college related matters. The RAS are responsible for creating a floor community, providing a variety of social and developmental programming, and enforcing policies and procedures. The RA is a personal liaison between the College community and the residence hall student. If you have a problem or question, the RAs are here to help you in any way possible.

Each hall has its own custodial team. The custodian assigned to your hall is responsible for cleaning the bathrooms, hallways, and other common areas. Residents’ cooperating in accommodating and accepting any brief inconvenience caused by the daily cleaning routine is greatly appreciated.

Maintenance Staff
A team of personnel performs maintenance in the residence halls. Each member of the team has trade specialties, but performs maintenance duties in a variety of areas. Both the custodians and the maintenance personnel have lead supervisors that direct their efforts.

Staff on Call
There is always a RD on duty 24 hours, 7 days a week for emergencies. If a student has any issue, they can contact the RD on Duty at 620-278-6218.