One person policy debate which examines the benefits versus the harms of a proposed government action. NFA LD was created in 1991 and is closer to high school policy debate and college CETA/NDT debate than to either high school LD or Parliamentary Debate. The primary differences, besides a one vs one person format, are a more conversational speaking style, shorter and fewer speeches, and a lower volume of evidence.

The commonly accepted common time structure is as follows:
Affirmative Constructive (AC) - 6 minutes
Cross-examination of Affirmative speaker by the Negative - 3 minutes
Negative Constructive and 1st Negative Rebuttal (NC and 1NR) - 7 minutes
Cross-examination of Negative speaker by the Affirmative - 3 minutes
1st Affirmative Rebuttal (1AR) - 4 minutes
2nd Negative Rebuttal (2NR) - 6 minutes
2nd Affirmative Rebuttal (2AR) - 3 minutes
Note that the total time for speeches is divided equally between the debaters, but unevenly among the speeches in order to compensate for one side having the first and last word.



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