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Christian Thought - Sterling CollegeThe Christian Thought degree incorporates courses in theology, ethics, and philosophy to prepare students to engage in a wide variety of vocations. A Christian Thought major or minor will help students develop a Christian worldview by training them to think critically about a wide range of issues. A sampling of topics includes the doctrine of the Trinity and theories of cultural engagement by Christians, analysis of philosophical arguments for the existence of God and questions in applied ethics concerning immigration, war and peace, and economic justice.
Christian Thought works well as part of a double-major. Say you want to pursue a career in business, medicine, or criminal justice, adding a Christian Thought degree will equip you to think and act in your career in a decidedly Christian manner. A Christian thought major can also serve as a preparatory degree for seminary, particularly for students not yet ready to take ancient languages like Greek or Hebrew. Check out our department’s curriculum or Sterling College’s Academic Catalog for more specifics.
The goal of the Theology & Ministry Department at Sterling College is to cultivate virtuous character, Christ-centered wisdom, and vocational excellence in our community of students. We host a number of other events, like a fall theology conference and fun get-togethers, that you can read more about on our department’s page.

Associated Minors
  • Christian Thought
  • Theology & Ministry (general minor)

What can I do with this major? 

  • Work for a church as a pastor or another leadership role
  • Serve in a Christian parachurch ministry or non-profit
  • With a double major, pursue any career in a more clearly Christian fashion
  • Go to seminary or graduate school

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Glenn Butner - Sterling College

Dr. Glenn Butner Jr.
Associate Professor of Theology & Ministry

Dr. Roy Millhouse - Sterling College

Dr. Roy Millhouse
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Tim Gabrielson - Sterling College

Dr. Timothy A. Gabrielson
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies; Department Chair of Theology & Ministry

Shebuel Varghese - Sterling College

Shebuel Varghese
Assistant Professor of Theology & Ministry