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Ownership & Mission
Sterling College Bookstore is a self-supporting, auxiliary enterprise, owned and operated by Sterling College. We exist to serve the College Community by delivering services and products in an environment that reflects the excellence of Sterling College and supports its mission in a financially responsible manner. All proceeds contribute to student success.

In high school, most of your textbooks were free. When you come to college, you’ll need to purchase your own textbooks and everything else you need for classes and campus life. That’s where Sterling College Bookstore comes in. Although we don’t sell textbooks in the campus store, our most important job is to find out which textbooks your professors have selected to use in your classes and make sure those books are ready for purchase before your classes begin.

Order your textbooks through our online bookstore
Sterling College has partnered with Barnes & Noble College (BNC) to bring you Sterling's official bookstore. Our online bookstore brings together the buying power of a large book retailer in Barnes & Noble, with the convenience and personal feel of a small college bookstore.

We are ready to help
We're here for you! You might be surprised at what we have on hand to help make your school year a successful and enriching experience. Come in and see everything for yourself. Call, email, or message us if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to assist and support you throughout your school years and beyond.

Questions? Contact Debbie Staton at 620-278-4223, dstaton@sterling.edu, or Facebook.

Debbie Staton, Manager
Sterling College Bookstore
125 W Cooper St
Sterling, KS  67579

All proceeds contribute to student success.