Financial Clearance

All students must receive financial clearance from the Financial Aid/Student Account offices. In order to receive financial clearance, students must have completed a Billing Contract and one of SC’s payment plans.

Payment Terms

Plan One: Pay net amount due by August 1st for the fall semester or by January 1st for the spring semester. Net amount due represents total charges, less any scholarships, grants or student loans confirmed by the Financial Aid Office. Sterling College accepts Visa, Discover, and MasterCard. Online payments may be paid through the secure student portal by selecting Pay on My Account located in the student account information.
Plan Two: Enroll in a tuition payment plan that spreads net amount due over each semester. Sterling College partners with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) The yearly fee is $75.00 and semester fee is $50.00. All TMS payment plans end in April.
Plan Three: Pay net amount using any Alternative Loans or Parent Plus loan. All paperwork must be received in the Financial Aid Office by August 1st for fall or January 1st for spring. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!
Plan Four: Payment agreements can be made with the business office for any student who does not have a past due balance AND their net due will be below $3500.00 for the semester. In order to qualify for a payment agreement with the school directly, all Federal loans available must be applied on the students account. The plan will consist of the balance being paid in full by December 15th of the fall semester, or May 15th of the spring semester. Finance charges of 2% on unpaid balances will be charged monthly.