General Tuition and Fee/Payment Policies

  • Student Data Sheet: The SDS is the statement which is emailed to all students who have a balance of any amount on a monthly basis. This form is also referred to as the Course and Fee Statement on the MySterling portal, and can be accessed with student credentials.  Early calculated balances are estimated because charges are subject to change, typically resulting from changes in adding/dropping courses, meal plan and/or dorm changes, course fees, etc. The student is ultimately responsible for paying his/her balance.  In the monthly email, it is suggested that they forward the email to those who may help them pay for their education expenses. It is the student’s responsibility to work out the payment issues with his or her parent(s) or guardian(s). Please be advised that private scholarships and loans from external sources will not be reflected on a student’s account until the College receives those funds.
  • Billing and Account Information: Through the MySterling portal, the student can review the Course and Fee Statement, Students/Financial Aid and Student Account/Course and Fee Statement, View Transactions or Make a Payment. If making a payment through the portal, please do not use the dollar amounts on the My Account Balances page, as they are not necessarily correct, use the Course and Fee Statement amount.  

  • Correspondence with the student: Students are responsible to check their Sterling College email account regularly and will miss important information from their advisors, professors, and administration if they do not do so.

  • Name/Address Change and FERPA forms: Name and/or address changes and FERPA forms can be completed through the Registrar’s office, in Kelsey Hall. FERPA provides authorization to discuss student information with person(s) listed on the form.