FlySterling is a unique opportunity designed to help prospective students visit and experience Sterling College first-hand by providing a credit of up to $400 to help offset travel costs.

Who is eligible?
The FlySterling credit is available for any student who lives more than 500 miles from campus and visits prior to June 1 for a fall semester enrollee or November 15 for a spring semester enrollee.

How does the program work? 
The student must meet and complete the following criteria to qualify for the FlySterling credit:

  1. Must attend an official, personal campus visit scheduled through the Enrollment Services Office
  2. Must live more than 500 miles from campus
  3. Purchase roundtrip airline ticket at least two weeks prior to the campus visit
  4. Provide the Enrollment Services Office a copy of the ticket receipt before or during the campus visit
  5. ​The campus visit must be prior to June 1 for a fall enrollee and November 15 for a spring enrollee

If a student meets all of the above criteria, the cost of the student’s airline ticket (up to $400) will be credited to their first semester’s student account. For more information about campus visits or to schedule one, click here!

If you have questions about the FlySterling program, contact your enrollment counselor or email us at admissions@sterling.edu.