Heritage Gardens and Outdoor Learning Lab/Native Tree Walk

The Heritage Gardens and Outdoor Learning Lab were designed as an area for learning, relaxation and devotion. The design of the gardens focuses on native plants and includes a water feature and sitting area fashioned from native Dakota sandstone and limestone. The garden also features a pergola and various beds of native flowers designed to attract and provide a habitat for butterflies, birds and other native species. The area can be used as an outdoor classroom and gives students a chance to get hands-on experience learning about native species of plants and wildlife. The gardens were made possible through the support of a family that includes several generations of Sterling College alumni. The gardens were featured in the fall 2011 edition of the Sterling College magazine.

The Heritage Tree Walk begins in the campus garden and provides students and visitors with the opportunity to learn about native trees on the campus of Sterling College. Since its founding in 1887, Sterling College has incorporated a rich variety of native trees as part of the campus landscape. The tree walk was established in 2012 and encourages the campus community to recognize the diversity and beauty of these native tree species. The tree walk features a self-guided interpretive tour with a map and brochure available here. The tree walk was supported through a grant from the Kansas Native Plant Society and Brady Nursery. The tree walk was also featured in the Spring 2011 edition of the Kansas Native Plant Society newsletter.