Dr. Christina J. George

Christie is a pianist and musicologist from the Pacific Northwest. Her research centers around music’s place within the academy and changing conceptions of good taste insofar as taste relates to the nature of the self and one’s apprehension and perception of beauty. She has written and presented on topics including taste and the philosophy of art, German Idealism, the role of the self in contemporary worship music, and the phenomenology of Jean-Luc Marion at conferences in the U.S. and Europe. Here at Sterling, she teaches courses in Applied Piano, Aural Skills, and Music History.

Christie is an avid ocean-lover, astronomer, and gardener and lives in Sterling with her husband Garrett and their dog, Pippin.


Ph.D. in Musicology from Claremont Graduate University
M.A. in Music from Claremont Graduate University
B.M. in Piano Performance from Biola University


Wilson 120

Contact Information

Phone: 620-278-4382
Email: christina.george@sterling.edu

Christina George - Sterling College