Deb Wiebe

 Deb was born and raised here in Sterling, Kansas. She graduated from Sterling high school and attended Hutchinson Community College. She now lives in Sterling with her husband, Curt and together have two children, Brenna and Derek as well as their grandaughter, Morgan. Brenna is married to SC Alumni, Brandon Winn.

Deb started working in the athletic department in 1995 and can truly say, "This has been the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.  Getting to know the student athletes and working with a great coaching staff truly makes for the best job!"

The Wiebes, as a family, have been involved with the foster parent program with the football team since 1988. Deb adds, "After I started working here and knowing how important this program was I started placing athletes from the Men and Women’s Basketball teams (as well)."


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Phone: 620-278-4335


Deb Wiebe - Sterling College