Dr. Mark Watney

Mark Watney 2012
Assistant Professor of Language & Literature

Mark was born and raised in South Africa until he immigrated to the United States in 1977. He has been a part of a view short-term missionary to Japan , India, and Turkey. He is married to his wife, Laurel, with three sons: Caleb, Micah, and Josiah. He was won the Whose Who Among American Teachers Award in 1998 from Belmont High School from Los Angeles, California.

Mark states, "Regarding my 'personal' (what a strange sounding little word that has become!) beliefs, I could never imagine a Christianity not intimately connected to the Apostle’s Creed. I believe evangelical Christianity is rooted in this creed and that our agreement on this most orthodox of creeds can and should supersede our disagreements on anything else." A few of his Academic interests include: The Literary Origins of Courtly and Romantic Love, CS Lewis and the Inklings, Wallace Sevens, and Dante Alighieri.

Academic Papers Presented

1. “The Tribe with the Greatest Story Survives” Southwest Regional Conference
on Christianity and Literature, Azusa Pacific University, March, 2001.

2. “Charles Williams, Dante, and The Sacramentalization of Romantic Love”
Southwest Conference on Religion and Language, April 2004.

3. “George Steiner and the Gap between Theology and the Humanities”
Southwest Conference on Religion and Language, April 2006.


Ph.D. Humanities (Literary Studies), 2006
University of Texas at Dallas.

Dissertation : Perplexed by Joy: Sensucht in C. S. Lewis’s Pagan Works:
Spirits in Bondage (1919) and Dymer (1926).
Dissertation Director: Frederick Turner (D.Phil. Oxford).

M.A. English Literature, 2000
California State University, Pomona.

B.A. Sociology/Bible, 1984
Azusa Pacific University, Azusa CA.



Contact Information

Phone: (620) 278-4506