Vision Statement

"To move people from where they are to where God wants them to be."

Mission Statement

"Through creative and thoughtful leadership, which is inclusive of both staff and students, the chapel program seeks to provide diverse opportunities for students to grow in their understanding of a maturing Christian faith."

Core Values

  • God-Focused: We seek, through our worship and our programs, to celebrate and confess the presence and activity of the Triune God in human history as revealed in scripture, glorifying God the Father, exalting God the Son, and relying on God the Spirit. 
  • Transformational: We seek, through our worship and our programs, to effectively address how the truths in scripture and the reality of student's lives intersect, offering authentic, relevant, inspirational, challenging, and applicable teaching through a variety of creative mediums.
  • Communal: We seek, through worship and our programs, to deepen our communion with God and with one another, intentionally shaping services and small groups that are authentic, participatory, welcoming, and inclusive. 
  • Integrity: We seek to ground our worship and programs through our integrity to the Word of God, as well as humbly honoring and utilizing the wisdom gleaned from the rich heritage and teaching of the Church Universal, and by being open to the new work that the Spirit is doing in our midst.