Lynne Myers (Education)
The Rev Dr Lynne (Minteer) Myers ('65) has been called as the Interim Executive Presbyter of de Cristo Presbytery. She and her husband, Steve ('64) now reside at 524 E. Wine Plum Dr., Tucson, AZ, 85704 - 2006-10-24

Stuart Robertson (History)
Pres. Douglas' vision for SC is exciting to see. It hardly seems I graduated 40+ years ago. It seems like yesterday. In my mind's eye I see old friends, wonder how they are now, and hope life has gone well for them. I remember the fun of sporting events, still feel the influence of Dr. Spott's ministry at the Presbyterian Church, and still benefit from the seminal challenge of Professor Simpson's example and encouragement to excel in my studies. I remember sitting in Professor Atwater's Foreign Relations class when someone burst into the room in Cooper Hall to say President Kennedy had been shot, and later that week learning C.S. Lewis died quietly on the same day. I hope others of my generation of alumni will help to insure Sterling College's future usefulness exceeds its past sturdy contribution to the good of the world. Increasingly I sense the value of small liberal arts colleges. May Sterling's tribe increase. - 2006-06-10