A strong community is what any student will find at Sterling


"You made me feel welcome and again I say thank you. The Lord Jesus told his disciples on one occasion that, when they entered the city, and to whichever house they came, if they were received, then there they should abide. And where ever they were not received, they were to shake even the dust of that place from off of their feet in leaving. Because of your gracious welcome I am compelled by the Holy Spirit, and act in obedience to stay. Again I say thank you and may the peace of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ keep you and your family while we wait, watch and pray. God bless you."

"You were competing with 5 other colleges (4 Christian and 1 Vocational), and didn't know it. You do your job well; and if no one has told you then forward them this email, as a witness and testimony of your dedicated service. All the others failed to be faithful in following through after the initial commitment. I just got off the phone with one of them calling me to see if I would start with them next week. They hadn't followed up for the past 3 weeks. If they were that inconsistent at the beginning, how would I have made it to the end!"

— Jeff, October 2007  


Online learning at Sterling is challenging, convenient and designed around you


 "I'm really impressed with you and Sterling College. I can't imagine why anyone would take online classes anywhere else."

— Don, September 2008







Online professors are highly involved with all of their online students


"I am truly impressed with this program. I wasn't sure how an online program
would work, but it is like being in an on-campus class."

— Kathy, May 2008 





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