Tournament Description

Students will compete in intercollegiate tournaments on college campuses across the country. These tournaments normally consist of six preliminary rounds of debate and two preliminary rounds of individual events, followed by an appropriate number of elimination rounds based on the size of the tournament. Tournaments consist of multiple colleges and universities and dozens, if not hundreds, of individual competitors and coaches. Tournaments are typically 2 days in length, with the exception of swing tournament which may be 3 days in length.

Travel Expenses

At Sterling, all of a student's primary expenses for competition are paid for by the College. This includes all entry fees, transportation costs (auto, rentals, airfare), hotel lodging and a modest daily meal allowance. Students are only responsible for the cost of office supplies needed for competition, tournament-appropriate clothing and occasional extra meal expenses.

Travel & Competition Requirements

Unlike many competitive debate and forensics programs, Sterling team members are not required to compete in multiple events or even multiple genres. While there are certainly educational and competitive rewards for doing so, many team members find a niche and specialize. Travel is also at the discretion of students, selecting which tournaments best meet their needs and/or schedule.



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