About the Program

This program will allow you to learn the tools to minister effectively. The Master of Arts in Sports Ministry is for someone who sees a career in sports as more than a career; it is an opportunity for ministry. This program is very exciting because it is an opportunity to help you improve your knowledge and skills, increase your marketability from a practical standpoint, and be well-equipped for a life of service and ministry while pursuing your passions.

We believe God put each student in their careers with a specific purpose – the opportunity to minister and to bring the kingdom of God into people’s lives. Coaches and sports staff become leaders that athletes look up to, and there are only a few other occupations that provide a chance to be so influential in the life of an athlete. As a Christian, we want you to be ready for open doors to minister.

The Sports Ministry master’s degree is an online program. This master’s program allows you to take classes and gain this eternally-focused perspective while remaining in the workforce. The online format is very intentional to students, to be able to continue working, and, at the same time, adding to your resume as you move forward.

For more information, please visit our Master of Arts in Sports Ministry page.

What Can I Do With This Major?

We live in a world where sports and athletics play an increasingly integral role in our communities, in our economy and within our spheres of influence. Coaches, athletic directors, camp directors, youth ministers, activity center professionals and others within this space can make such a positive influence on the athlete in all of us. This program will allow you to reach hearts and souls along with the rest of the healthy body.


Dr. Roy Millhouse - Sterling College
Dr. Roy Millhouse
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies; Department Chair for Theology & Ministry
Dr. Glenn Butner Jr.
Assistant Professor of Theology and Ministry
Dr. Timothy A. Gabrielson
Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies
Andy Giorgetti - Sterling College
Dr. Andrew Giorgetti
Program Director