Amy Thompson (Communication)
Hello, friends! I am living and working in Nairobi, Kenya and have been here since Sept after orienting for two months in Senegal, Niger and Mali - West Africa. Things are going well. I'm safe and learning so much. I would love to hear from you! - 2008-01-09

Carrie Lambing
Greetings friends, I was just wondering if anyone is planning on going back to SC for our 10 year reunion and homecoming this year. I am working on it... but just moved from Alaska to Boise, Idaho... so I don't know if it will be possible. Feel free to email me... - 2006-08-14

Tracy Crane (Biology)
Hey Jenny! It's me, Tracy (Lola). Just wanted to leave a note on here too. Where are the rest of you people?- 2006-05-30

jenny hughes(hickman) (christian education)
where is everybody? come on now, surely you have some time to write a little note! does anybody know where carrie korf is? love to hear from somebody!
jenny - 2006-05-18

jenny huhges(hickman) (christian education)
hello to my sterling classmates! just wanted you to know that live in wichita, ks and am married with 5 kids! i think about many of you and am wondering where you are! my e-mail is me if you get a chance! - 2006-04-06

Todd Smith (Government)
Greetings to everyone. I am married, back living in the USA after living in the UK for six years. The culture shock of returning to an increasingly insular, materialistic society will, I suppose, be alleviated by the passage of time. Enough of my ranting though...if anyone is in the Pacific Northwest, give us a shout, come visit. -Todd - 2005-04-23

Amy Thompson (Comm.)
Greetings, classmates! Just want to put a bug in your ear that we will have been gone from SC for 10 years next year. I can't believe it! Pencil our reunion in for next summer. I look forward to seeing you all! I'm up in MN for now, finishing up my MA in Comm. Come on up and visit once it gets warm, if it ever does. - 2005-03-03