Tami Newkirk (biology & r/p)
Hi, there! We finally got faster internet (256) way over here in N. Africa, so I am excited to see this site. I guess it has been a while since anyone wrote! My husband & I have 3 kids--Sammy is 4, Leila 2, and Hannah 3months. I am a stay-at-home mom now, but will probably go back to teaching English with my husband at a college here in a couple of years. - 2007-09-22

Misi Bickel
My husband and I welcomed Andrew Eugene into our family on March 25th. He was 7lbs 7oz and 20 inches. - 2007-06-15

Jeremy "Tito" Stinemetz
Our BOY - Bryce Christian - was born on Dec. 27, 2006 at just after 7pm. He was 7lbs 13oz and 21 inches long. Both Alisha and baby are doing great - it's been a couple of months, sorry it's so late. The girls - Mia (6) and Kaedyn (2) are big helpers - most of the time anyway! The birth was great and went very quickly. Hope all are doing well! - 2007-03-16

Jeremy "Tito" Stinemetz
OK, my bad, I've been slacking. Actually just really busy. SCOTT PHILLIPS, my old roommate, you the man!! You know I still check my email first thing every morning hoping I've got a Top Ten list from you!!! Good to hear things are well with you and yours. We'll have to stay in touch better. Good to see you updating us too Nicole, how are you? I live in Orlando - just outside of Orlando if you wanna get technical. About 4 hours north of Miami. Weather is nice this time of year. Oh, Ryan Jacob Wilson - is that who're talking about Nicole? I think he's living in Nebraska and is the director of a home for boys/girls. Not a whole lot new with me. I've changed companies and now work for an appraisal company that's quite a bit larger and hopefully will provide some better opportunities. I enjoy the work and love being able to see 3-4 different houses a day. Anyway, the family is good. Alisha just finished her training at the hospital and is officially an ICU nurse on her own. What a woman! Our two girls , Mia and Kaedyn, are great! Amazing how different sisters can be! Mia is in 1st grade and Kaedyn turned 2 in September. Hopefully, we'll get back to Sterling for a Homecoming or something soon. I'll have another exciting announcement coming soon. Until then . . . - 2006-12-04

Nicole (Tate) Livingston
It's good to see Jenny and Tito keeping communication alive for our class. Do either of you know where Ryan is? I don't remember his last name, but he use to take pictures around campus and for the yearbook. Tito, what part of FL are you in? My husband and I went to Miami a few years back. It was nice.....Ryan if you see this note, holla back!! - 2006-11-08

Nicole (Tate) Livingston
Hello Cambra, Diane and Spring. How are ya'll doing? I know I didn't graduate in your class, but I believe we all lived in McCreery at some point during our time at Sterling. Spring, it's good to here that you and Steven are doing well. Where in TX are ya'll staying? I'm married now, have been for 4 years. My husband and I have 2 boys, a 2 year old and a 2 month old. Cambra, congrat's on the new edition to your family (those small additions make life so interesting), Diane, I love your personal website. And Dave, congrat's to you too with the new addition to your family. Ya'll take care. - 2006-11-08

Scott Phillips (Language and Literature)
Hey everybody! What a cool site. Well, to throw my hat in the ring, Julie and I just moved to Berthoud, Colorado where I am serving my first church as a Presbyterian pastor. Yeah. The whole "Reverend" thing is new to me, too. Anyway...great to "hear" from you Jenny and Tito! Hope to catch you back at SC sometime soon. (I saw Jer the other month...) - 2006-10-10

Charity Carter (El Ed)
Okay, so I wasn't in your class, but I'm looking for Ben Dicke. Ben, if you're out there are you still in Chicago? I'm in Aurora, and I saw you on TV a couple of years ago. I think you were in Guys and Dolls. I'd love to chat if you're in the area. - 2006-07-14

Misi Bickel (RP)
Hey Jenny, Tito, Jer and everyone else out there!
I've enjoyed reading what you guys are up to! I'm working for UPS in Ft Wayne, Indiana, and I got married last summer. I'm amazed how fast time goes! We (Eric and I) have been doing a lot of traveling this past year, and have been blessed to see much of this beautiful country. If you're ever in the area let me know! - 2006-06-06

Hey, look at that. We've managed to gain another member into the elite club here. Good to hear from you Jerilyn! Well, not a lot new here. Going to be going back up to Kansas the beginning of June for a wedding. It's turned hot here in the big FL. Almost time for us to get ready for another hurricane season. Hopefully all the predicitions will be wrong and the storms will stay away. Alrighty then, until next time! - 2006-05-23

Jerilyn Whitsitt (English)
Hello SC friends (or maybe just Jenny and Tito!) -
Landon and I (and three sons Ian, Simon, and Julian) live in Louisville, KY. I'm home managing things and Landon works as a Program Director at an inter-faith non-profit, and is an ordained Presbyterian pastor. This is a cool way to be in touch!
Later! - 2006-05-16

Sigh, I guess we can just do our part. Yeah, the wife was a little disappointed I didn't let her in on the cool Sterling notes page. She's over it now though, my good looks still work!!!! :) haha Oh, Tim is living here in Orlando and working for Arnold Palmer Hospitals. He got married a couple years ago and just got a dog. Tim is Tim you know!! Alright, until next time JD and anyone else who wants to chime in!
Latta - Tito - 2006-03-21

Jenny Dutton (Biology/Chem)
Where is everybody? Maybe Tito and I will just talk to each other then.....(I saw on your wife's class note you're in trouble for not clueing her into this. :) The couch is all yours Tito!) - 2006-03-14

Jenny Dutton (Bio/Chem)
P.S. Hey Tito - where that brother-in-law of yours (Tim)these days? - 2006-03-14

Hey, thanks JD for responding. I guess not many in the class have discovered the page. Anyway, thanks for the couch! Hope things are well in the big KS. Florida is great this time of year. It's been a blistery 70 the last week or so!!!! The golf is a little challenging with the weather so cold! Later,
Tito - 2006-02-03

Jen Dutton
Well hello Tito and Nicole! I just found this - I think its a great idea. I'm in Wichita these days and Tito, I've got a great couch - if you ever want to crash, you're more than welcome. :)That's it for now. Hopefully everyone starts logging on!Happy New Year!, JD - 2006-01-06

Yo, there are some people I'd like to get in touch with so post on here so I can get ahold of you. No, I'm not going to list all y'alls names on here just start posting and we'll communitcate. I'm flat broke and got no place to live so I'm hoping to come crash at people's places for a while!!! haha - 2005-08-29

Nicole (Tate) Livingston ()
Hi Charity,
If you get this note please call me (214)418-2721.