Eric Miles (Health / PE)
Hello fellow Warriors, I know I haven't talked to anyone in a very long time...But here is an update with me. I have been married to my beautiful wife Michelle for 2 years in November. She is a native of Grand Prairie, TX and she is the light of my life. She is due to have our first child in March of 2008. We think its a boy, so Coach Lambert, keep making recruiting trips to Texas because I am going to push my son to be a Warrior just like dad. Professionally, I am coaching and teaching at a middle school in Lewisville, TX which is 20 minutes north of downtown Dallas. I think about my alma mater every Fall weekend knowing that the Warriors are going to be on the gridiron. I was a four year starter for the Warriors and left alot of blood, sweat, and tears at Smisor Stadium. Go Warriors!!! - 2007-10-08

Josh Marihugh (Communications)
Wow...there's a LOT, since I haven't talked to most of y'all since 1997. :)
After I crazily bombed out of Sterling (I wasn't mature enough or really READY for college, even at Sterling), I came back to Pryor and did just about nothing for several years. In 2004, I met my beautiful wife Melanie, and we were married on June 18, 2005. We are presently pursuing our own marketing business. As a few of you may remember, I was playing drums when I was at Sterling, and I still play them some, but I play keyboards more. :) We're currently doing several prison ministry services every month. We are presently working to get into full-time ministry, both on the road and locally. No kids yet, but they'll come along eventually. (Check out for some info on our ministry, including some of Dad's sermons.) I hope to have some music samples up on the web soon. Until then, keep checking, and anyone who wants, drop me a line. Stay cool and God bless! - 2007-09-11

Rebecca Kuhn (Interdisciplinary: Social Science)
Hi everyone. I thought I'd weigh in with an update,too (though I'm WAY beyond our reunion date). I've been living in Fort Lauderdale, FL for the last three years and married to Alan Newton for the last four. He is an English teacher at Pine Crest School and I will be joining him as a colleague this fall as a teacher in the social studies department. I'm still working on my PhD in comparative studies (film and sociology), but am close as I only have to finish my dissertation. Other than our jobs we're fairly responsibility free: no pets, no kids and (becuase of an over-priced market) no house. We spend our free time training for a triathlon. The training is going well - we just need to find one to compete in. If you ever want to vacation by the beach, we have a guest room with your name on it! Thanks to everyone for keeping in touch. - 2007-07-25

Seth Svaty (Religion/Philosophy)
Hello, friends! How good it is to read your updates. It's high time I provide one as well. I graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary in May '06 and believe it or not, my first ordained call is right here in Sterling, as pastor of the United Presbyterian church. In addition to my work at the church, I am an adjunct professor at the college. Last semester I taught Basic Philosophical Concepts, and this spring Spiritual Formation. I love teaching at our alma mater - it's a dream come true. My wife Amy (Sylvester, '02) and I have two boys. Noah is 3 and Micah is 1. They love spending time on the family farm! Sorry I missed the 5 year reunion; hope many of you can make it this summer for the 120th anniversary. If you are ever in town, please look us up! Living here makes me think of you all quite often. Keep the messages (and the support for SC) coming! - 2007-02-14

Joy Bircher (Anderson) (Elementary Education)
Hey! I check this and read what other people write so I figured I may as well write too! Judd and I have moved out of Sterling and are back in the Salina area. Actually, we are in the middle of a wide open space and love it! If you are up this way let us know! Hope to see everyone at the 120th Anniversary Reunion this summer!! - 2007-01-13

Dave Ellis (Physical Education and Health)
Dave and Cheryl Ellis are proud to announce the birth of our third little girl. Leah Maine was born on Tuesday, September 19th, 2006. She joins her big sisters Elizabeth and Heidi as well as her foster sister Heather. Both baby and mommy are doing great! - 2006-09-22

Cambra (Canada) Strawn (biology)
Big change since the last note: Scott and I now have a three month old son (born 1-9). His name is Charles Willard Strawn (Will). It is absolutely amazing how much life changes with the addition of one tiny little person. Well...except that he isn't so tiny. A whopping 9lbs and 21 inches when he was born...closer to 17 lbs. 24 inches now. Sweet, sweet boy. Oh, and he's the reason we didn't make it to the reunion. Doubt anyone would have let me on an airplane! - 2006-04-14

Jennifer Feather (Business)
It's fun to hear where people are. I'm glad that they have added this feature. The last time I looked, Cambra was the only one who had posted anything. Sorry I was unable to make our reunion. I had been looking forward to it but it landed a week before I left for a two week trip to South Africa. I'm currently in Colorado Springs, CO. I will graduate with my MA in Nonprofit Management May 6 and then will get married August 13. We'll see where God leads from there. Exciting times! - 2006-03-03

Brenda Thiessen (Business)
I have a prior commitment the weekend of the reunion, so I will not be able to attend. I wish I could be there to catch up with you all. I have been in Kansas City, MO for the last couple of years and really enjoy it. Trust you are all doing well. - 2005-10-11

Laura Lindberg (Brown) (Business)
I just talked to Cheryl last night and I'm a comin'! If I'm going to drive 9-10 hours to get to Sterling for the reunion, you all can too! Aaron and I are doing great. Hope to see some of you soon! - 2005-10-07

Diane (Walter) Frazier (Art)
Jason and I are living in Salina, Kansas. I work for an advertising agency doing web design and Jason is finishing his last year of schooling at K-State Salina in Mechanical Engineering. We plan to stay in this area and recently bought a house here. - 2005-09-27

Cheryl Ellis (Christian Ed.)
Hey, gang! I just wanted to encourage everyone to attend our 5th year reunion! Can you believe it's been that long?!? We'll be having lunch at the food fair on campus on Saturday and we have a room just for us in Cooper Hall. If you plan to attend, please let Tarah or myself know, so we can let everyone else know! We have quite a few names already that will be posted on this website. You can also e-mail me with any questions.
Can't wait to see you all! - 2005-09-27

Spring (Magsam) Thummel (behavioral science)
We won't make it to the reunion, but thought I'd drop a note for fun. Steven & I are living in Texas, and we love it! I've been practicing family and criminal law with a local firm for a little over a year, and Steven's had the same auditing job for about 3 years now. No kids on the horizon, but our 2 dogs keep us busy! Hope you're all doing well! - 2005-09-07

Cambra (Canada) Strawn (biology)
Here I am, 5 yrs later, living in CA. My only "job" is selling Stampin' Up! merchandise and handmade greeting cards (if you're interested, let me know). I eventually want to teach science to middle school kids. I worked in biotech for awhile after graduation, but I'm not cut out for long-term lab duty. Still married to Scott, no kids, one big black dog. Oh, and I plan to never move back to the midwest. You don't know what you're missing if you haven't lived on the west coast! Gotta love California! Basically, life is good...except when I start missing my friends back in Kansas! I hope this message finds you doing well. - 2005-04-08