Kristy (Kalivoda) Roszel (Christian Ed/Art)
Congratulations Judd and Joy!! Thanks for sharing the pictures of Jacob. And though I'm a little behind the times, congratulations to Seth and Amy for their 3rd miracle last Sept! Kellie girl, haven't heard from you in ages! John and I got married Sept 05 and moved to Wichita last year. No kids...yet. :) I try to get to Colorado whenever possible, but God continues to give me purpose in this place. Blessings, class of 02! - 2008-01-21

Judd Bircher (Business)
Joy and I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a happy new year. We certainly had a great one with the addition of our first child. Jacob Nichlos was born on Dec. 12th. He was 6 lbs 2 oz and 17.5 inches long. He is doing wonderful and is a great blessing in our lives.
- 2007-12-30

Kellie (Landry) Laurence (English/Biology)
It is a pleasure to hear about so many of you and I'd really enjoy being able to be at homecoming to see you! Maybe for our tenth!
Kristy Kalivoda, when did you finally marry John? How wonderful.
- 2007-10-16

Amy Svaty (Christian Education)
Seth and I are proud to announce the birth of our third child. Cora Jane Svaty was born on Sept. 28 and weighed 6lbs 7oz and was 19.5 in long. She is a wonderful addition to our family and the the boys are having a lot of fun with their new little sister. Hope to see you all at Homecoming!!!
- 2007-10-07

Tarah Colvin , Alumni Director (Theatre)
Hey Class of 2002,
Congratulations on 5 years! Your reunion is happening Saturday, October 20 after the football game on the 4th floor of our beautiful Cooper Hall! Your reunion organizer is Amanda Mount. An invitation will be in your mailboxes and inboxes shortly! In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here in the Alumni Office! Again, congratulations on 5 years!
I hope to see you in October!
Go Warriors,
Tarah C. - 2007-08-27

Dorinda Gates (CIT)
Can you guys believe we graduated FIVE years ago? I know, the bigger numbers coming up will be more exciting, but I'm hoping that a few of us will be able to make it back for homecoming this year. I've already got my time off requested to be at SC that weekend -- hopefully I'll get to see you there too. And yes, I'm still in the Dallas area if anyone ever travels through. - 2007-07-28

Whitney (Gordin) Asher (Biology)
Hey Christy!!! How are you? I have thought of you and Justin several times and wondered how you were doing. Sounds like life is good! - 2007-07-17

Jenny (Lane) Rogers (Religion & Philosophy and Christian Ed)

Does anyone know if there are plans for our 5th yr reunion? (During Oct. 2007 homecoming?) - 2007-06-26

Christy Vercher (English Education)
Justin and I are doing well. We are living in Katy, Texas (Houston area). Justin is a vice principal of an elementary school, and I am staying at home with our 2 year old little boy, Gabriel. We are loving life and feel so blessed to have God's continued favor. It was great reading all of your posts! God Bless! - 2007-06-26

Misty (Little) Bozzacco (Math)
Update on me, I am now married and living in North Carolina. I have a beautiful, soon to be one year old, daughter Olivia Rose. She will be one, Oct 30. I survived 3 hurricanes in the last 2 years in Port St. Lucie, FL and decided to move to NC this past summer, where I teach High School Math.
- 2006-10-16

Cassie (Tinius) Stinemetz (Communications)
Hey Michelle! It's been too long! Jamie and I are in Wichita - Jamie has his chiropractic clinic up and running and I work at a bank as the assistant to the president - Last time I saw Kim and Jason has been at least a year or two, but they had one little girl and another one on the way - I think they were living in Colorado where Jason was coaching. I'll check out your myspace and see if I can contact you through there. How about Misty Little? Anyone know where she is/what she is up to? - 2006-10-14

Michelle Bailey
Hey all! I don't know if anyone remembers me - I was only at Sterling my freshman year. Anyway, I've been looking to get in touch with some old friends, and I hope some of you know where they are! Has anybody heard from Cassie (Tinius) Stinemetz? She was my roommate, and I haven't talked to her in forever. Also, does anyone know how Kim and Jason Jones are? Let me know if you can - thanks! - 2006-09-26

Danica (Ray) Geesaman (Music)
Hey, everyone! Just a quick note for those of you I haven't caught up with later, that Jason and I are expecting our first child next spring! (Approx. March 2007). We're very excited! - 2006-09-21

Whitney Asher (Biology)
Hey Again! I hope everyone is doing great out there. I wanted to share the exciting happenings of my life. Starting in September I will be leaving my post here at good ol' SC and moving on to run a business of my own. I have started a non-profit organization called Promising Partners Assistance Dogs. We will be training and placing service dogs nationwide! I'm a bit scared about the whole deal but when it gets down to it the excitement outweighs the fear. So check out our website and feel free to contact us! Donations are always welcome! =) Let me know if any of you are close to Ellinwood!!
Whit - 2006-07-25

Charity Yeung (Music)
Hello everyone! My job situation has changed but for the better. Teaching was a little too political for me and I was not willing to shell out a bunch of money to go back to school so I went back to retail sales. I currently sell Sleep Number beds and I love it! I know some of you may not see me as the sales type but it really has made me more outgoing and confident. I am still in Little Rock. No kids yet but I am cool with that for now. - 2006-06-17

Danica Geesaman (Music)
Hey, Everyone! I'm glad we have people writing in here, now. I have been intending to send this for a while, but I have limited access to internet, and I've been waiting for something even partially interesting to say.
For those of you I haven't kept up with, I'm now married, with 2 dogs (and currently no kids), and my husband has recently begun a Children's pastor position back here in Kansas. It's nice to be close to home again, and we're really excited about everything that's happening.
I'm getting very involved musically in our community, and I'll be an adjunct professor at the community college this fall, teaching private piano and helping with accompinament. I'm not sure what else will open up, but I'm sure to be very busy with lessons, piano tunings, church activities, and anything else they can find for me to do! And, yes, I have entered the world of blogging. I don't get to it much, but it keeps me entertained!
- 2006-05-11

Gina Berend (Language and Literature)
Hello Folks!! I hope that you are all well and that God has blessed you in many ways since you left Sterling. I'm currently in Tulsa working on my Ph.D. in English (20th Century American Literature). I have my nose in my books most of the time, so I don't really have any other exciting news or anything like that. I simply thought I'd put in a 'hello' since I enjoy reading everyone else's notes.... - 2006-03-07

Alisha (Forman) Stinemetz (I didn't graduate)
So, my wonderful husband will probably need to borrow someones couch, because he did not tell me about this website until now. Anyways, I probably should not even be posting, because I never graduated. But here goes, we (Jeremy) are living in Florida with our two girls. Mia is 5 and a half and Kaedyn is almost 18 months. I will finally be graduating from college. It took 8 years, two kids and one marraige to get it done. I will graduate from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors in Nursing. College is not the same as it used to be, and I am ready to get out. Oh, we will also be going up to see Kreg and Graci in Virginia for Spring Break (one perk from college). Anywho, send me a note and let me know what happened to everyone.
- 2006-03-07

Beth Wheatcroft (math)
Wow I didn't even know this was here. It's so great to hear what people are upto since we have graduated. Brett finished Chiropractic school in April of 2005 and in July we moved down to Chattanooga for him to start practicing. We are enjoying the move especially since the girls are close to family now.
I am staying at home with our beautiful little girls - Madeline who will be 2 in April and Ella who just turned 4 months. They are the joy of my life and I could't be more thankful to be at home with them.
I look forward to reading more updates! Keep them coming! - 2006-03-0

James Dinkel (Computer Science)
Vegetarians are eating the rainforests. - 2006-02-22

Amy Svaty
Hey all!! It was fun to log on and see what people are up to!! Things are going well for my family. Seth and I are the proud parents of two boys, Noah who is 2.5 years old and Micah who is 5.5 months old. We are currently living in Princeton NJ where Seth is in his last semester of Seminary. He will be graduating on May 13. Yes, the same day as Eli!! We hope to return to Kansas or somewhere close. We are in the process of looking for a church and it is really a fun process. I am a stay at home mom and I love it. My boys are the joy of my life. Hopefully we will get to see some of you sometime. Take care!! Amy - 2006-02-10

Charity (Schroeder) Yeung
Hello all! I am currently living in Little Rock, AR. I married my best friend Aaron Yeung on August 20, 2005 and we are loving every minute together. No kids planned anytime soon but we are proud parents of a 5 year old English Bulldog named Boo. I am currently teaching music and Spanish at a Catholic elementary school. I am not sure if this is what I want to do with for the rest of my life so prayers would be appreciated. Enjoy hearing from everybody so keep posting!
- 2005-12-02

Whitney Asher (Biology)
Hey everyone! I keep reading these notes and it sounds like a lot of people are really getting out and exploring the world! That's awesome, I'm still exploring Kansas... hehehe.
I am in the process of putting together my own service dog organization, I can't wait to get it going! Austin and I bought a house in Ellinwood last summer and we will most likely be there for the long haul, so you will always know where to find me! Keep posting note!! ~ Whit ~ - 2005-05-25

Dorinda Gates (CIT)
We're pretty slim on the notes side of things here. I'll see what I can add. I'm in Texas (Dallas area) working with Gospel for Asia. I was in India in March for two weeks seeing the work on the mission field and am now back at my regular station helping people with their computers.
This was my first year not to be back for graduation, but I'll be back at the end of this month for Michele Clark's wedding and to share about my trip to India at Plainview Mennonite Church in Partridge (Jeremy Miller's home church).
BTW: It was fun to watch Christian on Wheel of Fortune--my co-workers kept asking if he was going to donate it all to Gospel for Asia. I thought he and Stacy could probably make good use of it themselves. Oh, and keep me updated, Kristy! - 2005-05-19

Alicia Stones (Elem. Ed)
Hey everyone!! This is kinda fun! I get on and check out the Sterling website often just to see whats goin on! Well, I am living in Topeka and have been teaching first grade for the past three years! I absolutely love it! I hope more people post things on here.. it would be great to see what everyone is up to!! By the way... Way to go Christian!! It was so much fun to watch him on Wheel of Fortune!! - 2005-05-11

Kristy Kalivoda (Christian Ed/Art)
Hey everybody! I decided someone from our class should start this thing, and hey, no one probably expected it would be me! Since we walked, I've been a little here, a little there...Chicago, Peru, Kansas, Colorado...and I'm engaged! (Anyone remember "Big John" hanging around since my freshman year?) Stay in touch and God bless! - 2005-04-13