Tarah Colvin, ( Director of Alumni )
Congratulations Class of 2007! Here are some of the "Words of Wisdom" you wrote down at the Senior Breakfast on Friday, May 11:

1- Remember: You can write Freshman year off as a learning experience!
2- Do your homework. Go to class ...it's that easy.
3- You'll figure it out. Don't be lazy.
4- Don't over commit yourself. Always say no and stick with classes and homework.
5- Smile a lot!
6- Get to know Brian Foster in the post office. He has a lot of great stories and he can be a great resource!
7- If you are tired enough, you can sleep anywhere. Even in the green room in Spencer Hall.
8- If the stoplight is blinking yellow...Just Keep Driving! :)
9- Don't speed in Nickerson! The cops are everywhere!
10- Always have good friends who will listen and tell you when you look bad.
11- Make the time to meet people, make good friends and have lots of fun times.
12- Don't start dating as soon as you get here. Gross!
13- The answer to life, the universe, and everything...don't panic! (This applies to school as well!)
14- Don't stress about grades. Mistakes help you learn.
15- The best excuse for missing a test: I set my alarm for "pm" not "am."
16- Make random road trips! Always crazy and fun!
17- Keep your mind open to the things you'll learn inside and outside the classroom.
18- Bring lots of Nyquil!
19- Don't hang out with twins...or kids named Hackbarth!
20- Don't let anyone tell you that you can't stay up all night and still manage.
21- It's college NOT a vacation!
22- God is good all the time!
23- Women try to marry you here...stay away from them!
24- Dearest Freshmen, As my grandpa said, "It's another day in which to excel." That's right - excel! Have fun, be safe, love life and love God!
25- Have fun - take advantage of allthe opportunities - get involved - make memories, cherish your friends, treasure your time here, live a life of love! :)
26- Have fun!
27- Play Ultimate Frisbee
28- Every now and then you need to take some time to stop and chase the squirrels.
29- Dont procrastinate- it'll come back and bite you in the butt! Buck down and it'll get easier as you work.
31- Watch the basketball games in the winter. Does a body good!
- 2007-05-17