If you need proof that you are registered for courses, or earned a degree from Sterling College, you may request verification in the following ways: * 

Enrollment Verification

An enrollment verification is an official document that can be used when verification of student enrollment status is required for scholarship purposes, medical coverage, jury duty, car insurance, etc.

Students and outside entities may request an enrollment verification through National Student Clearinghouse at https://secure.studentclearinghouse.org/vs/Index. Alternately, you may request a letter verifying the information by sending in the Student Status Certification Form.

Current and former students may also obtain proof of enrollment by requesting an official transcript. Transcripts should be used if the organization is requesting additional information, such as GPA.

If the organization requesting verification has its own form, students or parents should complete the portion of the form with their information and send it in to the Registrar’s Office for completion.

Degree Verification

Current and former students can obtain proof of degree or additional degree-related information (such as GPA) by requesting an official transcript.

Outside entities such as prospective employers may request a degree verification through the National Student Clearinghouse at https://secure.studentclearinghouse.org/vs/Index.

Disciplinary Records

Requests for disciplinary records should be sent to Student Life at tess.cannon@sterling.edu.

Loan Deferment

Enrollment Verification Letters should not be used for deferment purposes. Lenders have their own specific forms that will need to be filled out and submitted.

Contact Information

You may contact the Registrar’s Office at:
125 W. Cooper
Sterling, KS 67579

*Your Student Privacy Rights (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)

If you have attended Sterling College, information about you may be released only according to the FERPA Information Release decision you provided at the time of attendance. If you requested a Directory Information hold, an enrollment or degree verification cannot be provided. If you wish to change this decision, you will need to submit a new FERPA Information Release Form