1. How do I order a transcript? What is the cost?
Transcript requests must have a hand written signature. You may download the form and send it in, or you may come to the Registrar’s Office in Kelsey and submit the request in person.

2. Will a repeat course still show on my transcript?
A repeated course will appear on your transcript with the notation *Repeated*. The latest course will have the notation “*Replaces a Prior Course*. The most recent grade received will be the one used to compute your grade point average.

3. Will I need a SC Post Office Box?
Yes, you will. Primary communication is by the email system, however not all information can or should be emailed. It is the responsibility of the student to check both email and post office box on a regular basis.

4. Why is my name not on the course roll of the class I am attending?
If your name does not appear on the course roster, you may not be officially enrolled in the class. Go to the Registrar’s Office to resolve the problem.

5. Am I automatically dropped from a class that I have never attended?
No. Unless you officially drop the course in the Registrar’s Office (Add/Drop Form), you will remain enrolled in the class. Unfortunately you will receive a low grade and will be charged any appropriate fees for that class.

6. Where can I find information about taking a CLEP or COMPASS exam?
Contact Valorie Starr at jlabosier@sterling.edu.

7. Who can help me with Veteran’s Benefits?
The Registrar is the Veteran’s Administrator for Sterling College. Email jcaywood@sterling.edu

8. Where do I turn in my enrollment verification forms for loans or insurance purposes?
The Registrar’s Office. Download the Student Status Certification Form.

9. How many credits are needed for full time status?
A full academic load is 12 semester credits. However, to meet the minimum graduation credit requirement of 124 credits, within 4 year, an average of 15.5 credits is needed each semester.

10. Will my AP classes come in for college credit?
AP credit is treated as transfer credit; however original documentation must be presented for evaluation. Sterling College abides by the ACE recommendations and will grant college credit on the basis of scores 3, 4 or 5. The number of credits is determined by the Registrar.
NOTE:  AP credit requirements are subject to change