Janet Fuller (Education)
Will anyone be at SC for Homecoming? We really should get together since it is our 30th. We need to reconnect. The last reunion I was at (I think it was the last one we had?)I was carrying my 3rd child, David, who is now a Junior at SC!!! As long as we don't comment on how much each of us has changed, we're good! Class of '77, come on down!!! - 2007-10-08

Bruce Myers (Theater)
In July of this year, after working with Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah in California to expand his weekly television and daily radio broadcasts into Canada the UK, Australia and New Zealand, I was invited join The Inspiration Networks in Charlotte, NC as Director of International Communication/Operations (and relocate cross-country). I drove out here in June and I'm hopeful Ana will be joining me soon after we sell our properties in California (currently we are bi-costal). Our son Robert is in his second year as a Film Studies major at the University of California at Irvine. I'd love to n touch-base with some of my fellow 1977 classmates - where ever they may be.
- 2007-08-13