Shannon Pitzer (Education)
Jim and I have been accepted by MCYM (Military Community Youth Ministries) and Young Life International to work under the chaplaincy at Alconbury, an Air Force Base near Cambridge, England. We will be working with middle school and high school students who are children of active duty military personnel stationed in the area. MCYM is a cooperative ministry between Young Life, Youth for Christ and the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry and is known as Club Beyond. We hope to be fully funded and able to deploy by July 25, 2007. We appreciate your prayers as we make this transition. - 2007-06-21

Almaz Tsehay (Business)
Hello, class of 1980 and all! Just googled Sterling College and very fond memories came to my mind! Sterling College is a VERY SPECIAL place. I'm reading Loren Pope's book entitled "Colleges that Change Lives" and am surprised that Sterling was not on the list, because I know it changed my life. Drop me an e-mail if anyone want to connect. Peace. - 2007-01-13

Chrissie (Christine) Webster (Bostic) (2ndary Ed/Biology)
I just wanted to say "HI" to all my previous classmates (I hesitate to say, "old classmates"...HA!). We are living in Oklahoma, with our nearly 5 year-old son, Matthew, (born in India), and our nearly 2 year-old daughter, Hannah (born in China). I would LOVE to hear about any and all of y'alls' news! I just recently starting getting this email magazine, and all the memories that have started popping in my brain as I look over the names in the Alumni Directory! I cannot believe that its been 25 years since graduation! (Of course, I haven't changes at all! HA!)
Blessed Christmas, and God's peace! - 2005-12-15