James Kame
Hello to anyone that can remember me and my thoughts and prayers to those who have family and friends down in Louisiana and Mississippi. I am looking for Caesar Jones, Reggie Crawford, Van Childress, Marc Shettleroe, Eddie 'Blue' Hopkins, and Abed Wahbeh. Caesar if you get this message and need help down in Alabama please contacet me. I miss all of you. - 2005-09-06

sandra zylstra (elementary education)
I've been married now for 14 years and have 4 children: Allison, Amanda, Nathan, John. I've worked in elementary education in various forms : aide, education commitee member, substituting, volunteering in my children's classes, and teaching elementary music. I have also been a very active piano teacher thoughout the years. I've also regularly accompanied in various church settings. In the near future I will have a couple of two piano duets published :)! Would love to hear from anyone out there.... - 2005-08-22