Class Notes 1992

Roger Reeve (Behavioral Science)
Just wanted to drop you guys a line and say nothing much has changed. This is a very feeble attempt to try to keep in touch.
-Roger - 2007-09-14

Richelle Naiman
Hello all... Just thought I'd pipe in since I saw my name show up in one of Roger's posts.... Hope you're all doing well, and in case I didn't mention it before: Paula, congrats! - 2007-08-07

Rodney(Rod) Dumond (Speech/ Theater)
Test. Is this thing on? What? It is typing everything I am saying? Cool!

Hello all you Sterling alumni, alumae, alumnuses, aluneices... graduates. It has been awhile since I have tried to communicate with any of you and I just want you to know that it isn't you, it is me. I left Kansas, didn't look back, chip on the shoulder, blah, blah, blah. You get the picture. Well, I would like to offer this olive branch of friendship and say, "Howdy! What have you all been up to?"

My wife, Liz, son, Will, dog, Macy and I live in Montville, CT. Liz teaches 5th or 4th grade depending on the year and I am the Technical Director for Connecticut College in New London. Will is 6 months old and plays mostly when he isn't eating and sleeping.

I hope to hear from anyone. - 2007-06-04

Roger Reeve (Behavioral Science)
I'm going to keep this going as long as I can because it is so fun to hear from you guys. Yes Susan... It is hard to be a Royals fan. Paula...get working on that 2012 reunion. Don't throw things together at the last minute (HA, HA). I actually have been in touch with John Irwin and Richelle Naiman recently and it was fun to catch up with them. - 2006-10-02

Susan Reed (Accounting)
Hey, Roger, Joel and Jon!

Still keeping up with your Mariners, Roger? It's SO hard to be a Royals fan right now, but I think with the new GM, we'll be okay!

Jon & Joel, I think of our choir days often... - 2006-08-31

Roger Reeve (Behavioral Science)
Hi to all you SC alumi! Try to keep in touch it really makes my day! Is there really a twins discount for SC students? - 2006-07-24

Joel Noble (Rel/Phil)
Hi to Jon, Paula and Jim, and Roger! I just checked Sterling's website for the first time and was so happy to see your three postings. It's been such a long time! My wife Anna and I live in Denver, where we're both teachers at East High School (she in Chemistry, me in Pre-Engineering and Architecture). Our kids, Aidan and Eleanor, are now 7 and 6. Hope to hear more from you all sometime!
Joel - 2006-07-16

Paula Steinb