Where do I register for Homecoming 2021?

All Sterling College Homecoming events may be registered for here.

You will have the option to print your Homecoming ticket(s) straight from Ticketleap, download your event’s QR code (a type of barcode) from your smart phone or tablet or create a Selfie Ticket from the Ticketleap app, available for iOS and Android.

Read more about Homecoming check-in options under "How do the Ticketleap QR and Selfie Tickets work?"

Why is pre-registration so important?

A Sterling College Homecoming brings many families to campus and requires advanced planning to ensure the weekend goes smoothly for Sterling College guests and visitors. Pre-registration helps Sterling College and the Alumni Association staff in securing enough food, drinks, tables and chairs for events.

I’ve registered on Ticketleap. Now what?

You will receive a confirmation email from Ticketleap giving instructions for how to access your Sterling College Homecoming event ticket(s). Not all Homecoming events will require a ticket for admission; rather, some events will only require an RSVP. 

Ticketleap offers Sterling College Homecoming event-goers several options for check-in – printed tickets, barcode tickets (available from your smart phone) or selfie tickets (also available from your smart phone). If you haven’t done so already, download the Ticketleap app on your iOS or Android device.

How do the Ticketleap QR and Selfie Tickets work?

I’m glad you asked! As we mentioned, Ticketleap offers Sterling College Homecoming event-goers options for check-in – printed tickets, barcode (or QR tickets) and selfie tickets. Below we have outlined how to access each.

Printed Tickets: To print your ticket, pull up your Ticketleap confirmation email and click “Download Tickets.” The ticket(s) will automatically download to your computer. From there, print your barcode ticket and bring it with you to your event(s)!

QR Codes: Unable to print your ticket(s)? Or rather, don’t want to mess with paper tickets? No problem! Simply pull up your Ticketleap confirmation email on your iOS or Android phone upon arrival to the event(s) and we will scan your ticket barcode, right from your phone!

Selfie Tickets: Be prepared to be amazed. A Selfie Ticket is a new kind of ticket…more fun and friendly than the barcode type. Selfie Tickets can only be created and presented via the Ticketleap mobile app, available for iOS and Android. NOTE: You cannot selfie your ticket until 24 hours before the event. At that point, Ticketleap will send you an email letting you know that it’s selfie time. Don’t selfie a ticket unless you plan to use it! If the ticket is for someone else, send it to them instead using the “Send to” button on your Ticketleap app, so they can selfie it.  Once selfied, a ticket cannot be sent to someone else. At the time of your event(s), simply pull up your selfie ticket on your phone and voila! You’re in!

What if I bought a ticket for someone else – how do I get them their ticket?

The Ticketleap app makes it easy for the buyer to send Homecoming ticket(s) to appropriate guests (a.k.a. ticketholders). They offer two options to getting the ticket(s) to the right people:

Option 1: From within the Ticketleap mobile app…when you sign into the app you’ll see a list of your tickets. Tap a ticket to select it and then use the “Send to…” button.

Option 2: From the order review page…To get to this page, you can either sign in at Ticketleap.com and then click on “My tickets” OR you can search for the confirmation email from Ticketleap and follow the link in that email. Now click on the “Send to…” button.

Don’t see the “Send to…” button? For security reasons, you’ll need to be signed in with a Ticketleap account. To create an account or to sign-in, see the sign-in area on the upper right hand side of your screen.

How do I register for my class reunion?

RSVP’s and registration may be made online here.

Additional class reunion information can be found here.

If your class doesn't have specific plans for your reunion celebration, that's okay! There will be many alumni on campus for you to connect with. Resources are available to each class who want to plan an activity or dinner but must contact the Alumni Association for more information. 

My class doesn’t have a reunion this year but I want to register for the other Homecoming events. What do I do?

We’ve made it easy for you! Simply go to Ticketleap. Ticketleap will prompt you through a series of questions through to a safe and secure checkout. After your order is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with details about what do next.

You will have the option to print your Homecoming ticket(s) straight from Ticketleap, download your event’s QR code (a type of barcode) from your smart phone or tablet or create a Selfie Ticket from the Ticketleap app, available for iOS and Android.

Read more about Homecoming check-in options under "How do the Ticketleap QR and Selfie Tickets work?"

Can I buy tickets to the Sterling College Warriors Homecoming Football Game ahead of time?

Yes. Tickets to any home Football Game can be purchased online in advance for $7 each at scwarriors.com.  Tickets may be purchased at the game at Smisor Stadium for $10 each.

I registered, but am unable to come. Am I able to get a refund?

We’re sorry you can’t make it. Yes. Refunds can be issued only if you notify the Alumni Association by October 8. They can be reached at 620-278-2448.

Will onsite registration be available?

We will do our best to accommodate walk-ins, but cannot guarantee a seat or a meal unless you have registered by October 8, 2021.



Is there free public wifi available on campus?

Yes. Each building offers a free public wifi access point and will be available to all Homecoming attendees and guests.

Is there a Homecoming app for my mobile device?

Yes! Download the iOS or Android Ticketleap App. Look at the Homecoming schedule, add events to your calendar, create your Selfie Ticket(s) and more!

I want to share my photos from Sterling College Homecoming on social media. What hashtags should I use?

Glad you asked! Sterling College is on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. Tag us with the hashtags #HomecomingAtSterling #SterlingHomecoming2021 #SterlingProud #HereAtSterling #SwordsUp

Where are my event tickets?

You have three options for accessing your Homecoming event ticket(s) – print directly from your Ticketleap confirmation email; download your event ticket from the Ticketleap email; or create a Selfie Ticket with the Ticketleap App.

Read more about ticket options under "How do the Ticketleap QR and Selfie Tickets work?".

Where can I eat on campus?

Our Homecoming Tailgate offering Food Trucks is Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. outside the Mabee Library.  All alumni are welcome to attend. Purchase meals directly from participating food trucks. On Saturday evening, alumni and guests are welcome to dine in the Cafeteria. Cost of the Saturday evening meal in the Cafeteria is $7.79 (plus tax) for adults and $3.25 (plus tax) for kids/teenagers.


Can I request special meals because of dietary restrictions?

We are happy to make accommodations for you at the Homecoming Alumni Banquet and Awards Dinner. Please note on your registration form if this pertains to you. We can accommodate vegetarian, nut allergy and gluten free diets. Anything else is not guaranteed, but please call the Alumni Association for questions. For the other Homecoming events taking place, we will offer a variety of food options to ensure we accommodate as many dietary needs as possible.

I didn’t receive a Homecoming Postcard by mail. How can I get one?

We are sorry you did not receive the Homecoming Postcard! We must not have the correct mailing address on file for you. We encourage you to Update Your Information so next year this doesn’t happen again. 

Can I visit my old dorm room?

In collaboration with Admissions, guided Campus Tours are available for Homecoming alumni and guests throughout the weekend. Though we will tour the dorms, we cannot guarantee your old dorm room is available for view. You will likely see a ‘staged’ dorm room, but please respect that these rooms are now the private room of a current student.

Are children welcome to Homecoming and Homecoming events?

Absolutely! There is something special about showing your children and grandchildren your old (but newly renovated and updated) stomping grounds which is why we have tailored nearly all activities to accommodate families with children. We offer child prices to the Homecoming Tailgate on Saturday as well as the athletic games and Saturday evening meal in the Cafeteria.

Where should I go when I arrive?

Upon arrival on campus, all alumni and guests who arrive between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Thursday and Friday should check-in at the Alumni Center in Mabee Library. Those arriving Saturday can check-in at the Alumni Center in Mabee Library from 11:00 a.m. to 1 p.m. and at the Smisor Stadium from 12:30 - 3:30 p.m.

Where should I stay during Homecoming weekend?

Glad you asked! We have scouted only the best places to stay and have blocked rooms for Sterling College guests at hotels in Sterling, Lyons and Hutchinson. See our Lodging Page for more information and discounts.

Where can I park?

Please refer to our Campus Map for parking options. There will be Handicapped Parking available on the South Side of the Student Union and Cafeteria Thursday through Saturday of Homecoming weekend.

What do I wear?

Be #SterlingProud. Wear your crimson and blue Warrior gear! Be prepared for warm, cold, or rainy weather. Check out the new merchandise at the bookstore.

Important Phone Numbers

                Alumni Association: 620-278-4228

                Guest Services: 620-278-2173

                Admissions: 620-278-4275