Student Account Information

General Tuition and Fee/Payment Policies

  • Initial Statement: An initial statement is mailed in mid-June for the fall semester and the end of December for the spring semester. The initial statement is referred to as an “estimate statement” because the charges are subject to change, typically resulting from changes in tuition (adding/dropping courses), board plans, room assignments, course fees, etc. A final statement is sent to the billing address after the add/drop period has ended, which is usually in mid-September for the fall and mid-February for the spring. Please be advised that private scholarships and loans from external sources will not be reflected on a student’s account until the College receives those funds.
  • Online Billing: Account billing information is available electronically to students at the secure online billing site through> Financial Aid and Student Account> My Account Info> My Account Balances. Students should access their online billing at least monthly to keep informed of their financial status. For convenience and expediency, payments can be made online at this secure site. 
  • Billing Name and Address: The student is ultimately responsible for paying the bill, however, SC understands that students may want their bill to be sent to a family member who may be making college payments. Billing statements will be sent to the mailing address on the Billing Contract only. It is the student’s responsibility to work out payment issues with their parents or guardians. Name and/or address changes must be submitted in writing to Financial Aid/Student Account offices. The student’s signature on the Billing Contract provides authorization for Financial Aid & Student Account offices to discuss the student’s account with the person(s) listed. 
  • Correspondence with the student: Students are responsible to check their Sterling e-mail account regularly and will miss important information from their advisors, professors, and administration if they do not do so.
  • Financial Aid: All questions regarding financial aid awards must be directed to the financial aid office at 620-278-4207 or
  • Outside Financial Aid: Any type of financial aid that is received directly (bank loans, Social Security benefits, Vocational Rehabilitation benefits, or scholarships outside of Sterling College) will not be credited on the student’s billing until funds are received. It is the student’s responsibility to carefully estimate the value of these outside sources when making payments to Sterling College.
  • Payments: Payments can be made at the secure online billing site by electronic check or credit card. There is no fee for e-checks or credit cards. Check payments should be sent to the Student Accounts Office and must include the student name and ID number.
  • Financial Clearance: All students must receive financial clearance from the Financial Aid/Student Account offices. In order to receive financial clearance, students must have completed a Billing Contract and one of SC’s payment plans. 
  • Refunds: Refunds cannot be issued to a student until all charges and financial aid are finalized and credited to the student’s account. 
  • Late Payment Policy: Any balance of fees not paid by the due date or deferred pursuant to one of the payment options described under Payment Terms will be subject to a monthly late fee of 2%.
  • Unpaid Accounts: If the minimum payment is not met, or if the student has an unpaid amount from a previous semester, a hold may be placed upon the student’s registration (which prevents a student to enroll in classes for the following semester). Transcripts and/or diplomas will not be released if there is an outstanding balance due on the student’s account.
  • Questions: Please call the Student Accounts Office 620-278-4201.