Second Annual Film Festival showcases quality cinema

2013 Film Festival Categories
Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sterling College’s second annual Film Festival is coming up on Friday, April 26 at 7 p.m. in the Culbertson Auditorium of Spencer Hall. Like last year, there will
be four categories of film: narrative, twisted trailer, mood piece, and documentary/mockumentary.

Dr. Raymond Anderson, associate professor of communication & media, was pleased with last year’s inaugural edition of the film festival, saying “It went well. We had over 50 people attend. There was a lot of interest and excitement. A lot of students are looking forward to it again.”

Last year’s film festival featured around ten submissions from various students. Dr. Anderson’s vision for having a film festival at SC is a longterm one. It is a vision for something that will still be in place years down the road. Dr. Anderson describes it as something to “become standard for the county and the area where, even though we are in the middle of nowhere, we can show a high level of professionalism and creativity and become known as the small college that can do things, and inspire young filmmakers to do things in all of the categories, even in the more artistic form as well.” He adds, “Regardless of whether I am here or not, we can become known for the film festival.”

Dr. Anderson also envisions the film festival reaching beyond the SC campus and being “not just be for the students but also for the larger community.” In anticipation for this year’s film festival, Dr. Anderson said “It’ll be an interesting one because we have the Producing and Directing Cinema class which will have student scripts, which will be more developed than last year’s.”

“It’ll be a different class of intro level products. It’ll be good to see that diversity,” Dr. Anderson said. “Because we have the larger productions from senior level
productions, it will encourage a larger audience, as well as actors and people like John Harding, the head volleyball coach. I think there will be more people at the film festival this year.”

The intended theme for this year’s film festival, and for the ones to come, is “creative, high plains, cinema.” There will be two headlining pieces at the film festival, from the Producing and Directing class. The first of them is entitled “Backspace” and was written by senior David Dunsmoor and directed by senior Scott McKinney.

McKinney describes this film, saying that “it is about a guy named Oscar who has recently bought an engagement ring for his girlfriend. He plans out his perfect day that will end in him proposing, but it seems like the universe is against him. His perfect day gets deleted or ‘backspaced’ by numerous absurd events.”

McKinney describes his involvement in “Backspace” as “strenuous. This experience has been good to teach me to not do it all on my own and rely on other people to come through. Really, though, I love theatre, film, and acting, and this opportunity let me dabble in one of them.”

Look out for “Backspace” and many other student films at the second annual Sterling College Film Festival on Friday, April 26 at 7 p.m. in Culbertson Auditorium.