Audition, Interview and Portfolio Review Requirements 

Debate – Bring a complete listing of their competition record (tournaments and wins/losses) as well as a copy of a debate case (1st Affirmative Constructive) that they used during their time in HS. 

Forensics – Bring a complete listing of their competition record (events and place of finish) as well as a prepared complete speech or interpretive event, or portion of any speech or interpretive event that they used in competition during HS. 

Cinema & Multi-Media – Provide three examples of video projects that you have worked on either as DVDs or quick time files. 

Journalism/Public Relations – Provide writing samples of 3 newspaper articles that were published. 

Theatre Performance – Perform two contrasting monologues. In addition, if interested in Musicial Theatre please bring 16 bars of song. 

Technical Theatre – Be prepared to discuss your interest in Technical Theatre. Bring any of the following (if available): 

Photos of productions/props/set pieces you have worked on. 

Drafting plates, or technical drawings you have created. 

Prompt books, or research files you have created for your designs. 

Any models or renderings. 

Vocal Music Majors – Sing two contrasting songs, one of which should be in a foreign language. 

Vocal Music Minors/Participants – Sing two contrasting songs. 

Instrumental Music – Play two contrasting etudes or solos.

Art & Design – Present 15 pieces of your absolute best work. Use this series as an opportunity to show us competence in a variety of media and subject matter. 

Each piece should be photographed or scanned and either. 

a) printed in a portfolio, OR 

b) provided as JPGs on a CD. (JPGs must be a minimum of 1024x768 pixels) 

Short essay on why being an artist is important to you, your art education background and how your faith integrates with your development and/or expression as an artist. 

Portfolio or CD and essay should be clearly labeled with student's name and contact information.