Choral Ensembles


Sterling College Choir

The Sterling College Choir is a large ensemble consisting of all students interested in participating in a choral ensemble. Directed by Professor Marisa Callan, the choir performs on and off-campus several times throughout the academic year. This group mainly performs sacred choral works.


The Communication Arts Emphasis explores a range of communication interests including theory, principles and practices in mass media communications and speech communication. From interpersonal and group to public and mass media, the emphasis balances theory with “hands-on” practice through the media laboratory and the forensics laboratory and program. Students receive valuable intercollegiate competition in speaking, debate, and oral interpretation and may participate in Pi Kappa Delta, a national forensics society and the oldest honorary society on campus.

Honors Program

The Honors Program builds on the heart of Sterling College’s liberal arts roots to encourage students thoughtfully to consider how to live their lives with purpose both in the present and in the future, The Program aims to widen students’ view of the world and their purpose, especially the stewardship of their academic and intellectual gifts, and to allow themselves to be shaped by new ideas, experiences, challenges, and service.

Christian Ministry

The Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries prepares you to assume leadership roles in churches, Christian schools, camps, para-church ministries, missionary organizations, and Christian publishing companies as well as pursue various avenues of graduate study. This program further allows you to grow your personal faith and dedication to servitude. The training and placement of tomorrow’s Christian leaders lies at the heart of the Christian Ministries program.

Application and Admission

Steps to Apply for Admission:

Elementary Education

The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education at Sterling College Online challenges students practically as well as intellectually. The program, a continuation of the Sterling Teacher Education Program (STEP), has a history of excellent results for our students taking assessments required by the state for licensure.