Pre-nursing program:

Students interested in nursing will find that science courses offered at Sterling will meet all of the pre-requisites for admission into most Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) programs. Sterling College students that have completed the pre-nursing program at Sterling College have been successfully accepted into nursing programs at a variety of institutions including Tarleton State University, New Mexico State University, and the University of Saint Mary.  The pre-nursing curriculum can typically be completed in 2 years at Sterling College in preparation for admission into a B.S.N.

Distinguished Speaker Seminar Series

The biology department features spring and fall seminars on topics of interest to students and faculty.  The seminar speakers have included Sterling College alumni, medical doctors, and research biologist.  The seminar series provides students at Sterling an opportunity to directly interact with leading experts in science professions.  Some of our recent seminars have included:

Bible Studies

In addition to chapel services, students also have the opportunity to attend several Bible studies that are led by Resident Assistants and Student Chaplains. These studies give students an alternative way to earn the 14 chapel credits that are required for every full-time student. The studies tend to be focused around a certain subject, book, or section of the Bible.

History Education

Elementary Education